Noah Sylvester Garlitz

Noah and Martha Garlitz

Noah and Martha McKenzie Garlitz

Son of Israel and Ellen Robeson Garlitz

b. 12/22/1844  Pea Ridge, Md. d. 1928  Avilton, Md.

Married Martha Emma McKenzie, Daughter of Johanna Garlitz and Leo McKenzie. Johanna Garlitz and Israel Garlitz were brother and sister. Making Noah and Martha first cousins.

1. Anna Rosalia  b. 06/11/1869  Pea Ridge, Md d. 1957 m. Peter Bittinger
2. Mary Kathryn  b. 07/16/1864  Pea Ridge, Md d. 1892 - Avilton, Md m.  John Olan Wilhem
3. Shadrach Sylvester b. 04/20/1867  Pea Ridge, Md m. Barbara A.Mckenzie
4. Laura Ellen  b. 05/19/1872 Pea Ridge, Md  d. 1947 m.William E Broadwater
5. Clara Cecilia  b. 09/28/1874 m.  Peter Colmer
6. Ada Elizabeth  b. 11/06/1876  Pea Ridge, Md upon sister Mary's death m.  John Olan Wilhem
7. Sarah Almedia  b. 03/29/1879 d. 1963 m. Peter A. Broadwater
8. Margaret Cordelia  b. 09/26/1881  Pea Ridge, Md  d. 12/22/1962 m. Edward Miller
9. Freeman Francis b. 01/11/1884 Avilton, Md d. 1933 m.Carrie Belle Durst

"Another son of Israel Garlitz and Ellen Robeson was Noah, their oldest son. He lived on Blue Lick and had one of the first grist mills in the area. You can still see where it stood if you know where to look. His cousin Zack had a sawmill nearby. There was a shingle mill here too. This area was a jumping place then. Now it is as deep a forest as it was in colonial days. He served in the Civil War too. Noah loved to hunt and I suppose everyone hunted then for their meat, but one day when he was going hunting his daughter Annie wanted to go along. This Noah refused. After Noah's departure, Annie decided to follow, so loading a gun she went after him. Meantime Noah encountered a mean old mommy bear with two cubs, and she charged him full force. When Noah raised his gun to fire, a tree branch whipped back and hit him across the eyes, blinding him for a time, making him helpless. Annie following, came across this scene, so bravely she raised her gun and fired at the bear, killing it. Needless to say Noah was grateful this one time for Annie's disobedience. The cubs being to small to fend for themselves, they took them home and kept them in pens, and they became quite tame. One day a circus man bought one for a traveling circus. I often heard mom talk of this dancing bear. Without its companion the other bear became mean, so Noah had a bright idea. He invited all his neighbors to a get-together, thus disposing of the bear in a good old fashion bear roast." Garlitz and Hetz History. 1981. Madeline McKenzie Maust

Obituary for Noah


Shadrach Sylvester

Son of Noah Sylvester and Martha McKenzie Garlitz

Born 04/20/1867  at Pea Ridge, Maryland

Married - Barbara Ann McKenzie


1. James Hubert b. 4 Mar 1893 Lonaconing, Md  d. Jan 1925  m. Lulu E. McKenzie
2. Anna Virginia  b. 21 Nov 1894 Lonaconing, Md d. May 1957
3. Francis
4. Ruth Cecilia  b. 3 Jun 1896 Lonaconing, Md. d. 24 Nov 1976 m. ___ Cupp, Akron, OH, buried Mars, PA daughter - Helen Virgina Cupp White
5. Fredrick Paul  b. 19 Sep 1898  Lonaconing, Md. d.  31 Jul 1970 twin married Edith McAndrews
6. Joseph Bernard  b. 19 Sep 1898 Lonaconing, Md.  d. 15 Sep 1965 twin married Eleanor Wernelbrey

Madeline Maust writes that Shadrack and Barbara were married on "December 25, 1889 by Rev. Fr. DeWolf. Their attendants were Enoch and Agnes Garlitz, sister of the bride, and cousin of the groom. Shadrack's occupation was a miner." 

Madeline also records the daughter as Mary Virginia, not Anna, and marrying Emery Younkin. Maust records her death as Feb. 1919.  

Picture (obituary) of Geraldine, daughter of Mary Virginia and Emery Younkin.