Sarah Almedia Garlitz Broadwater


Daughter of Noah Garlitz

1879-1963.  In 1896 married Peter B. Broadwater 1867 - 1955


Manley J.    Feb 26, 1897 - July 9, 1980     Married Eva Rosenberger

Mary Frances    July 22, 1898     married Clarence Warnick 1896 - 1981

Lucille     Oct. 8, 1901 - 11-29-1985    married Bernard Laraditch 1899-1975

Angela Mae    12/24/1930 married first ______ who died in 1945. Married second Sylvian Durst 1904 - 1982

Nora    April 5, 1905 - 2-26-1976    married first Harry Warnick. Married two years. married second Henry H. Warnick. 3/07/1906 - 7/26/1979

Virginia    (twin)    August 4, 1907     married first Joseph Rosrcik (?)    married second Paul Rand

Margaret    (twin)    August 4, 1907    married James _____

Dennis    June 15, 1912 - November 20, 1980  obituary  married Ann McKenzie children: Dennis Fred, JoAnn (Kamp), Kay (Tewell), Rosemary (McKormick), Patricia Miller

Wilda    August 6, 1913    married John Loraditch

Louvina    Dec. 18, 1916   died March 18, 1987 obituary married Otis Kamp Children: Gale, Steve, Gary, Keith, Marlene (Ross), Maxine (Erskine)

Louise    Dec 31, 1919    married Charles Baily

Veronica    Feb. 24, 1923 - 1925


"When Peter died, he had been ill for two or three years, but "Media" was ill only for a short time. They lived their life above Blue Lick on a farm, near her sister Laura. As you can see they raised a large family, and on very little as so many families did. I remember as a child Media and Pete with their family walking all this way to church, as we also did. In the summer, sometimes they came in their buggy drawn by their horse. In the winter, they came in their sleigh. It was kind of a nice sight to see, but probably very cold for them. Most of this family grew up faithful Catholics and good people. With the wonderful old St. Ann's and its good priests nearly all people in this community became good citizens of the community."  Garlitz and Hetz History, Madeline McKenzie Maust 1981.