Johanna Garlitz McKenzie

Leo and Johanna Garlitz McKenzie house

Home of Johanna Garlitz and Leo McKenzie

Daughter of Christian III and Sarah Mckenzie Garlitz

Born: 1824

Married: Leo McKenzie  on February 2, 1843

Martha Emma* b. 12/19/1843  m. Noah S.Garlitz 
Mary b. 1844 Pea Ridge d. 12/03/1930 m. Isadore McKenzie
Patrick D. b. 1/02/1848  Pea Ridge
Licouria David b. 3/14/1850  Pea Ridge
Zacharias G. b. 3/13/1849  Pea Ridge d. 1934 Avilton, Md m. Margaret Durst 
Anastasia b. 4/07/1853  Pea Ridge
Sadres Simon b. 5/23/1856  Grantsville m. Rhoda C. Chaney
Elias Marcellus b. 6/02/1858  Grantsville d. 10/05/1922 Avilton m. Rebecca Jane Garlitz 
Margaret Agatha b. 12/07/1860  17 Oct 1928 m. Ernest Floyd Crow
Henrietta Clara b. 7/1863 
Loretta b. 10/26/1867  Grantsville d. 03/01/1939 Simon Weimer 
Eugene b. 1871 Avilton

*Emma's  mother Johanna and Noah's father Israel were brother and sister, making them first cousins.


Zacharias McKenzie

Son of Leo McKenzie and Johanna Garlitz

Married: Margaret Durst
Thomas Leo b. 11/1875 Maryland d. 1960
Clara E.  b. 4/1875
Rachel b. 4/1880
Joseph b. 5/1884
Margaret E. b. 1886 Avilton, Md.
Mary E. b. 7 / 1/ 1888 Sept. 24, 1944 m. William B. Garlitz   Nov. 21, 1889 - 1950
Annie M. b. 7/1889 Avilton, Md  
Matilda b. 1893 d. 4/3/1980
Nellie M. b. 5/1897



Elias McKenzie

Son of Johanna Garlitz McKenzie and Leo McKenzie

married Rebecca Jane Garlitz   who was the daughter of Samuel Garlitz and Isabelle Minke    Samuel was the brother of Johanna, Elias mother, making Rebecca and Elias first cousins.

Andrew George b. 8/26/1879 Avilton  d. 8/7/1948  Cumberland, Md
Urban Francis b. 10/29/1881 Avilton d. 10/30/1958 Avilton
Clarence Valentine b. 10/20/1883  Avilton d. 8/12/1949 Avilton
Anna Isabella b. 8/25/1885 Avilton d. 12/23/1926 Avilton
Arthur Lewis b. 8/25/1889 Avilton d. 5/03/1950
Ruth Carrie b. 9/02/1890 Avilton d. 9/25/1893  Avilton
Arella Genevieve b. 8/12/1898 Avilton d. 9/08/1970  Maryland



Loretta McKenzie (Garlitz) Weimer

Loretta McKenzie with husband Simon Weimer

Mary McKenzie with her daughter Loretta and Simon Weimer. Mary never married.

Daughter of Johanna Garlitz and Leo McKenzie

Records actually have Loretta not as the daughter of Johanna Garlitz and Leo McKenzie but as their granddaughter. She was the daughter of their daughter Mary Magdalene and of an unidentified Israel Garlitz. [However, dates do not exactly match the Mary as recorded under Johanna Garlitz McKenzie given on this site, they are off by two years.] It is said that Loretta was a child born out of wedlock  to Mary Magdalene and this Israel Garlitz. She was raised by Johanna and Leo as their own daughter.  Thus Loretta was Loretta McKenzie (Garlitz) marrying Simon Weimer. It  is said that Mary Magdalene  later moved to Colorado to live with daughter Loretta and son in-law Simon Weimer.)

The unidentified Israel Garlitz is reputed in one account by implication to be the son of Samuel and Isabelle Garlitz. He would thus be a first cousin to Mary. However, his date of birth is 1880 and Mary was born in 1844, discounting, unless dates are incorrect,  this connection.

Married Simon Weimer
Children of Loretta and Simon Weimer
Drucilla Signora b. 12/02/1889  Frostburg, Md c. 05/02/1972 Grand Junction, CO m. George Henry Garlitz
Joanna  b. 1/1891 Frostburg, Md
Bertha M. b. 6/1893  Frostburg, Md
Clara C. b. 1/1895  Frostburg, Md
Dominic b. 12/1897  Frostburg, Md
Lydia b. 12/1898 Frostburg, Md
Barbara E.  b. 3/1900  Frostburg, Md