What's New at the Garlitz Family History Site

June 2012

Marriages in the Edwin Garlitz branch

May 2012

Obituary for William B. "Bill" Garlitz Jr.

February 2012

Obituary for Margaret Iona McKenzie Pallotta

January 2012

Photograph of quilt made by Matilda Elizabeth Garlitz, wife of Isadore.

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We need your help!  We invite the extended Garlitz family to make inquiries and contribute. Please send dates of birth, deaths, additional descendents, photos, obituaries, etc. . We are especially asking that you share fond memories of your parents or grandparents. We want this to be a family history site, not merely a genealogy list. Your contributions are greatly needed and deeply appreciated. Don't be afraid to offer corrections as not all records are in agreement. There are a lot of Garlitzs of the same name so identities have been mistaken in some accounts.  Please email Tom Garlitz Don't let your family stories die with you, preserve and share them.

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