Ethel Garlitz McKenzie

Daughter of Francis Marion Garlitz

b. 6-28-1897    d. 9-30-1971    m. 9-19-1918 at St. Ann's, Avilton to Sebastian W. McKenzie

Francis Patrick b. 12-19-1919 d. 11-20-1932
Paul Eugene b. 6-21-1921 m. Geraldine Harden
no children

Gerald McCoy b. 4-10-1923 m. Mary Ann Urbas Patterson
Adopted daughter - Mary Ann who married Robert E. Rizer. Children: Autumn Marie
Madeline Agnes b. 11-15-1924 m. James M. Maust
no children

Mary Caroline b. 5-14-1926 m. William Warner
no children

Betty Ann b. 6-30-1928 m1. Charles Dishong - divorced
m2. Frank O'Grince

Margaret Iona b. 10-31-1930 m. Norman Pallotta
Jessie Aloyosius b. 5-15-1934 m1. Joane Villa
m2 Irene Petro
Jenny Mae b. 8-18-1938 James Vivian
children: Julie

"When Ethel Garlitz, my mother, married Sebestian William McKenzie on September 19, 1918 at St. Ann's in Avilton, Maryland their attendants were Jessie McKenzie and Emma McKenzie, sister and brother of the groom. This marriage which was blessed with children, and love, but not wealth, went on for about 52 years. They had their troubles, heartaches, not much in worldly goods, but to me they were the greatest strength, and I have often heard mom say their children were their greatest love, although, we surely was far from perfect. Now that they are no longer here, I remember them with so much love, my heart could burst." Garlitz and Hetz History by Madeline McKenzie Maust. 1981

"Paul Eugene and brother Gerald McCoy both fought in the Second World War. Gerald was wounded some in the Italian campaign. Paul fought under Gen. Patton's command. Neither of these men liked to talk about their experiences, and who can blame them, but I have heard Paul talk of the beautiful mountains and the wonderful time he had in Scotland on a furlough. Paul saw the world famous stallion horses moved in order to save these wonderful animals. After the was was over, Paul served as a guard at the terrible Nuremberg trials for awhile."  Garlitz and Hetz History by Madeline McKenzie Maust. 1981

"This history preceding up to here, is my direct line on the Garlitz back as far as I know, but before I go on to the other ancestors, I must pay a tribute to my parents, Ethel Garlitz and Sebestian McKenzie. - Daddy was a good kind man and a good father. He worked away from home much of his life, but also had the farm in Avilton, MD, which went back to Israel Garlitz's time. Together with what he made working, and the things off the farm, we made a living. Eight children to feed during the depression took some doing, but that took the management of my mother. Daddy worked on the "Savage River project", on the "Resettlement projects", and helped to plant thousands of pines on government lands. He worked on the county roads for years until they retired him.  All his life he loved to dance, especially square dance, and he danced until he was 80 years old. He like to go places and to talk to people, and I believe he knew everyone. When he was a young man, he worked in the clay mines for years, and later in the coal mines until the accident that nearly killed him. He spent weeks in the Frostburg Miner's hospital, and was on crutches a long time, and I have a picture of him on crutches at that time. He would never go back in the mines.

Now wonderful mother, what a woman she was. She was the very heart of our home, with that quiet strength and gentle smile. As far as us children were concerned, she could do anything, and very often did. She was the parent that furnish the discipline, and taught us right from wrong and to learn the responsibilities of life. Each child had its certain jobs to do each day, and there was no getting around it. We went to grade school in a one room school house over below the Orville Stark farm, called the Avilton school. The children of our family build the fire, in the old pot belly stove to heart the school for years. Swept the floors and dusted to earn the princely sum of a few dollars a year.

Many times we would hoe the neighbor's garden for the great amount of a quarter, and as often as not, never received that. But we had our time of play too. After our work was done we would go for shell bark hickory nuts, fishing with our string with a safety pin fastened on, tied to a hickory pole, but boy what great fun. Going for berries was for food, but to us it was great, just pure heaven. When they were ripe, we would go everyday. Mom, I suppose in her time canned hundreds of gallons that we picked.  Nobody's, but nobody's berry patch was safe from us.

Jacky was the monkey of the family, always in a tree, skinning the cat, as we called it, and always on the highest limb. Often the limb broke, and she would fall to the ground bruised and hurt, but no sooner were the scars of battle healed, and she was right back at it again. We other children were bad enough, but we couldn't touch her. Many a dusting she got from mom for this, but I guess she really did have a little monkey in her, because she never quit it, and she can still climb like one.

In the evenings we always had evening prayers, and learned our Catechism. After this my mother, with the smallest child on her lap, would sit in the old rocking chair, with all the other children gathered around her feet, and tell us stories, about her father, grandfather, and Christian Garlitz, which had been passed down through the years. Eyes as big as saucers, we never tired of these stories of shooting bears, panthers, hunting turkeys, etc. Many a narrow escape our fore-fathers must have had. They were wonderful and dear parents, never rich in material things, but in many other ways we were very rich. The love which was nurtured by my mother with us children still exists. We stick together no matter what. To sum it up, my parents were everything that God meant parents to be to their children." Garlitz and Hetz History by Madeline McKenzie Maust. 1981








Betty Ann McKenzie

Daughter of Ethel Garlitz McKenzie

b. 6-30-1928 d. May 15th 2011.

m1. 1946  Charles Dishong - divorced


William Patrick and Robert Michael. Twins. Born 1-29-1947, d. 1947

Roger David. 12-28-1947    Married one. Martha L. Ball    Children:  Keith b. 7-5-1972     Jason  b. 3-20, 1974   Michele Louis b. 11-27-1976   Married two: Susan A. Hoher

m2. Frank O'Grince 1960  No children









Margaret Iona McKenzie Pallotta

Daughter of Ethel Garlitz McKenzie

b. 10-31-1930    m. Norman Pallotta on 11-04-1950 in Bedford, Ohio. Norman died 04/27/2007

Obituary MARGARET I. PALLOTTA (nee McKenzie), age 81, of Bedford. Beloved wife of the late Norman W.; loving mother of Kathleen, Anthony (Rosanne) and John; dearest grandmother of Brian, Michele and Athena; dear great grandmother of Ella Rose; sister of Paul McKenzie, Madeline Maust, Jenny Vivian, and the following deceased, Francis, Gerald and Jessie McKenzie, Mary Warner and Betty O'Grince. Friends received at the ST. JOHN FUNERAL HOME, 923 BROADWAY, BEDFORD, (One Mile West of Forbes-Broadway Exit of I-271), THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9 from 2–4 AND 6–8 P.M. WITH A CLOSING SERVICE AT 7:45 P.M. Cremation to follow.


Kathy    10-14-1952

Anthony Norman    b. 8-11-1955    married Rosanne M. Donofrio, 7-24-1976    children: Brian Anthony, Michele Ann (Her middle name was chosen for St. Ann's Church.) Brian Anthony Pallotta was married to Angela Marlette on June 6, 2008. Ella Rose Pallotta, born May 25, 2011. Everly Grace Pallotta, born June 14 2014.

John Thomas    b. 8-3-1956    married Regina Incornata Cipriani. 2-23-1980 at St. Stephen's Church Monterey Park, CA. (divorced 1988 - no children) Relationship with: Barbara Joyce Jackson (dob-6/5/51 and died 11/4/89) who died shortly after giving birth to daughter:  Athena Jay Pallotta DOB  8/16/89. John then raised two step daughters: Kimberly Jean Cooper DOB  12/19/70, who married Anothony Speer and have 2 children Evan Robinson and Skyler Speer) and Desiree’ Rose Jackson DOB 5/19/80 has one daughter: Faith Jackson











Jessie Aloyosius McKenzie

son of Ethel Garlitz McKenzie

b. 5-15-1934    d. January 4, 2005     Obituary

Married first Joane Villa in 1953. Children: Darrel Steven    b. 1954  Darrel married Jane Lee McNeel on June 19, 1976 at Grantsville, MD. Children: Adopted son Robert Charles born 1974.  Seven Thomas born 3-22-1984

Married second Iren Petro. No children