Christian Garlitz II

Christian II, son of Heinrich Christian Garlitz, known as Christian I,  was born about 1777 probably in Greenville Twp, PA.  He married Elizabeth, daughter of Casper Durst and in 1800 was located in Maryland north of the Little Crossings.  In 1804 Christian "Garlets" purchased of Mitchell Robertson of VA, for L25 ($65) Lots 2062, 61,66, 67, for a total of 200 acres; this land on Chestnut Ridge three miles south of Grantsville. Here on Chestnut Ridge young Christian Garlitz built his log house, cleared a farm and reared a family. On the assessment roll of 1804-12 his lots were listed at a valuation of $32; he also had 2 horses and 4 cattle valued at $89. From Chestnut Ridge "Christly" hunted and killed the wild animals for miles around. And here he died at the age of sixty-eight, victim of a long besieging tumor in his throat. His widow survived him until 1863. The pioneer couple is probably buried in the graveyard on their farm, but in unmarked graves. On November 26, 1845, Christian's wife, Elizabeth, recommended to the Orphan's Court that their Son, Basil, be appointed administrator of his father's estate.

Children of Christian and Elizabeth:

Elizabeth (m. William Sloan)
Jacob  (m. Hetty)
Virginia (m. George B. Bruce)
Margaret (m. Peter Yeast)
Mary "Polly" (m. Alexander Newman)
Basil Tomlinson
Henry - son Isaac Stephen - son of Isaac - Frank Tissue - son of Frank - Ross Earl
Rachael  b July 25, 1809 baptized Oct 15 Salisbury (m. FNU Hoskins)

(Information on Michael, Mary, and Rachael from Pat Lowry)

Christian Garlitz II is listed by Brown as a great pioneer hunter of Western Allegany County (Garrett), along with Meshack Browning and Holmes Wiley.

Brown also writes, "Christian Garlitz in his nature and character was strong, decided, emphatic and industrious; hardy and strictly honest; in comfortable circumstances, but no more. Ostensibly a farmer, but really he loved the deep forest more than his fields and meadows, and his rifle more than the plow or scythe. He was hospitable and sociable, fond of company and entertainment; his home was a lively place, and he always the central figure. His hunting anecdotes were inexhaustible and the delight of all, but everyone knew his statements must not be contradicted." 

(See deed information: State of Maryland, Allegany County, Maryland Deeds for Christian Garlitz Land sold to Hanson Brown,  (Cumberland Court House), Deed Book 7, pp. 417-18, July 1, 1851, Inheritance from Christian Garlitz.)

Notes from Historical & Genealogical Society of Somerset County read: Sr. & Jr. 1821 voted at Tomlinsons Mill.  1804 tax list S.C. Glades Brown farm Md. Line - Then Chestnut Ridge 3 mi S. Grantsville. Sandy Creek Glades 1800 Census 3. Avilton 1818 pioneer settler. (end)  Again there may be some confusion between Christian II and  Christian III. 


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Jonas Garlitz

Son of Christian Garlitz II
Listed as a carpenter in the 1850 census
b. abt 1818    d. unknown

m. Susanna Unknown
1. Wilban H.        born about 1842 in PA
2. Norman           born about 1844 in PA
3. John                born about 1848 in PA
4. Eelly                born about 1852 in PA
5. Slervant           born about 1854 in PA



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Jacob Garlitz

Son of Christian II
Born about 1809
Listed as a farmer in the 1850 census.
Married Hesti


Austin  born abt 1834
Martha  born abt 1836
Julian born abt 1838
John born abt 1839
Sarah born abt 1841
Ellen born abt 1843
George born abt 1845
Hanson  born abt 1847
Alfred born abt 1849


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Basil T. Garlitz

Son of Christian II

Married Elizabeth Lyston
Emily        born about 1855
Alonzo     born about 1857
Horatio     born about 1860
Melvin Ellsworth    June 1863 - Aug. 3, 1889    m. Leah White  Melvin was hanged for the murder of his wife Leah.   

The 1860 census lists a servant girl, Ellen Durst, age 14, as living with the household. Christian's mother was Elizabeth Durst. It is quite possible that Ellen was a close relative. 

Basil  was a prominent citizen of Allegany Co. He operated the Tremont Hotel in Cumberland and in 1863-65 was County Sheriff.


24 Nov 1891 Basil T Garlitz died at the home of his son Alonzo on S Mechanic Street in the 74th year of life. He had complained of a fluttering of the heart for 2-3 days. Basil Tomlinson Garlitz was born in 1818, 3 miles south of Grantsville MD, a son of Christian Garlitz and Elizabeth Durst and was the youngest of 8 children, all deceased except Jacob and Henry. His father who died in 1846, was quite a hunter and ranked up with Meshack Browning in the forest. In 1860, he was married to Elizabeth Listen. Four of their children, 3 boys and 1 girl now live in Dayton Ohio with their mother. The Garlitz and Custer families were related as the sister of Christian Garlitz married John Custer and who's son Emmanuel Custer was the father of the famous general George Custer. The daughter, Miss Emma and sons Horatio and Herbert of Dayton Ohio have been communicated with for the funeral. The funeral will be by Rev W E Bird of Kingsley ME church and interment in Rose Hill Cemetery. [9 paragraph story ] From Cumberland Times

Editor's note: The Cumberland Times article is apparantly incorrect as other historical records claim Catherine Valentine was the wife of John Custer and the grandmother of George Custer. Clarifying information is being sought. Following is a link to a comprehensive family tree for George Custer. No Garlitz can be found therein, nor can its accuracy be verified. George Custer Family Tree


See also Who Was Christian Garlitz, The Great Hunter, Christian III, and History of St. Ann Parish.