The Hanging of Melvin Garlitz

27 Mar 1889 The murder of Leah White by Melvin C Garlitz. They were married on 21 Jan 1885 and after 2 years of living in her family home as a improvident and neglectful husband, the mother-in- law refused him admission to her room and access to the daughter and grand daughter Eunice Theresa White. He broke some furniture but went away and since that time he has been separated form this wife. The only contact was by mail and he came to Cumberland and stayed with his brother Alonzo Garlitz at Linderville. On Tuesday, they met in the presence of her sister, Myrtle, to return some photographs, which he tore up and accused Leah of being with other men which she denied. He then shot her with a .32 cal revolver. Her funeral is tomorrow from the home of the parents Maryland Ave & Spring Streets. She leaves her child, her parents Mr & Mrs Joseph White, a sister Myrtle, and a brother in Boston and a sister, Mrs Mary Cowherd of Huston WV. ( 2 articles each 1 ½ columns long) 
28 March 1889 The write up of the funeral and another article of the murder. 01 April 1889 A hearing of the murder. 01 May 1899 The White Murder Trial begins. [ 3 column article of the testimony in the Death of Leah White by Melvin Garlitz.] Daily articles also 2 May, 3 May, 4 May. Guilty in the 1st degree. Case will go to Court of Appeals. 29 Jun 1889 The Court of Appeals sustains the lower court ruling, Garlitz will hang. [Full column article]. 05 Jul 1889 Sentencing of Garlitz- To hang by the neck until you are dead. [full column article]. 23 Jul 1889 The execution date for Garlitz is set as Aug 30 by Governor Jackson at Annapolis. [a full column article. Petitions for parole are started.] 30 Aug 1889 Front Page- Garlitz Is Dead- Events recounted yet again throughout the newspaper. Previous hangings also described: hanging 06 Jan 1871, John Howard for the murder of Henry Miller, a boatman from Washington Co; hanging 10 Jan 1873, William Craig, colored, for the rape of Mrs Lottie Dayton at New Creek; and 27 Sep 1888, scheduled hanging of Henry J Spencer for the murder of Winfield Scott Dawson at Rawlings Station who was given a reprieve by the governor.

from the Cumberland Times

Will post complete articles in the future. Information sought connecting Melvin Garlitz to the family line.

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