Weimer Ancestry and  Relatives of  Mahala Weimer Garlitz, Loretta Garlitz Weimer, and  Drucilla Weimer Garlitz

We offer this additional page because the Weimer and Garlitz families are so intertwined it can become confusing. Special thanks to Bob Garlitz for providing the information, grandson of Drucilla Weimer Garlitz.

Barbara Klingaman was born 11/23/1805 and married George Weimer.  George was born 09/30/1798 the son of Jacob Weimer and Mary Shuok. They were members of German Baptist Church.  They had 12 children


Samuel K.    b/ 9/6/1824 Greenville Twp Somerset Co married Drusilla Anne McKenzie b/4/9/1825 the daughter of John McKenzie and Hannah Tomleyson. Samuel was a deacon of German Baptist  Church. (Church of the Brethren)  They were the parents of  Mahala who married William Wells Garlitz. And of Simon Weimer who married Loretta Garlitz McKenzie. Simon and Loretta were the parents of Drucilla who married George Henry Garlitz
Jacob ...b/11/3/1825 d/6/19/1905 married Dianah Fike d/10/16/1899
Eliza...b/01/14/1828 at Myers Mills, Pa  married John G  Neff d/6/3/1905 son of Gabriel and Sarah  Domer member of Dunkard Church  (Church of the Brethren)
Sarah...b/7/14/1830 m/Samuel McRobie
John...b/11/22/1832 near Somerset, Pa married 1/18/1854 at Accident, Md to Magdalena Fike  d/3/25/1897 the daughter of Peter and Magdalena (Arnold} of Eglon, West Va.  members of Amish Church
Levi...b/2/6/1835 d/3/16/1835
Cornelius...b/2/28/1836 d/4/28/1861 mar/ Joannah Snyder
Mary.... b/8/4/1838 d/10/28/1855
Jesse...b/1/18/1841 in Somerset, pa married /(1) Caroline Beachley daughter of Samuel and Ann
           (Brougher) (2) Elizabeth Friend a sister to Martha Friend daughter of Obed and Levina
           (Markley) Member of German Baptist Church
Joseph...b/3/9/1843 d/8/25/1884 married Martha Friend daughter of Obed and Levina (Markley)
Benjamin...b/9/18/1845 d/10/16/1869 married Martha Savage
Silas...b/12/1/1848 married Martha Jane McRobie of Laura Mt. Lake Park, Md Sister of Samuel McRobie













Samuel K and Drucilla Weimer


Son of  Barbara Klingaman and George Weimer

12 children

Ozias...b/10/20/1847 mar/Elizabeth Breig
Lydia... b/12/8/1948 in Somerset Co, Pa d/3/19/1909 married Samuel Wetmiller son of Dionysius
            and Catherine (Hoelig) member Roman Catholic Church
John...b/2/4/1850 d/1/4/1910 married 9/18/1873 Theresa McKenzie b/5/122/1850 daughter of
          Jeremiah and Catherine McKenzie of Avilton, Md  Roman Catholic Church d/1/4/1910
Eliza Katherine...b/7/8/1851 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co. Pa married 11/11/1869 at Frostburg,
                         Md. to Adam Rosenberger son of John Rosenberger and Mary mary 
                         magdalena  (Rosenberger) Rosenberger  both  natives of  Bavera, Germany d/2/24/1890 at 81 years of life
                         members Roman Catholic Church.
Mahala...b/7/3/1853 married William Wells Garlitz 
Jesse...b/08/25/1855 mar/03/29/1880 Nancy Crow daughter of Nelson and Mary Ann
Noah...b/5/9/1857 married 10/5/1879 at Meyersdale, Pa Elizabeth Ebaugh daughter of
           Reynold and Victoria (Hammer) Member Roman Catholic Church
Norman...b/ 12/3/1858 in Greenville Twp. Somerset Co., Pa married 12/26/1880 at Keystone, Pa
               Clara E Hawn daughter of William and Lydis (Patton) member Roman Catholic Church
Harriet...died at birth 4/16/1961
Julianna...b/8/26/1862 married David McKenzie
Simon...Married Loretta Garlitz McKenzie
Henrietta Mary...b/11/08/1871 at Pocahontas, Pa married 11/28/1889 at Cumberland, Md
                        Milton F. Hawn son of William and Lydia (Patton) brother of Norman
                        Weimer's Wife.







Jacob and Dianah Weimer


Son of  Barbara Klingaman and George Weimer

Jacob and Dianah had six children:

Samuel...b/3/24/1849 in Somerset Co, Pa married 5/11/1871 in Grant Co, West Va. Mary Cosner
              daugther of Martin Cosner, who died about 1885 at Harbor Springs, Mich and Ann M. Lyon
              Minister and Elder in the Church of Brethren.
Dennis...b/8/4/1850 in Garrett Co, Md. married 10/30/1871 Broadway, Va Catherine Kline daughter
             of  M.B.E. and Elizabeth (Rhodes) Pastor and Elder in Church of Brethren
Israel...b/11/10/1853 Mar/Margaret Burgess, daughter of John and Mary Ann Burgess
Almedia...b/1855 or 1856 d/1864
Narcissus...b/04/15/1859 mar/10/30/79 Benjamin F Lyons b3/1/1860 son of Benjamin and
                 Jane (Burgis) Maysville, West Va. Church of Brethren
James...b/2/25/1861 mar/7/31/1881 Elizabeth Lyon b/4/16/1860 d/1/22/1886 daughter of
            Gustavus and Miriame (Burgess) Maysville West Va. Progressive Brethren Church
             Elizabeth is cousin to Benjamine and Narcissus Lyon










Eliza Weimer and John D. Neff



Daughter of  Barbara Klingaman and George Weimer

11 children.

Noah...b3/7/1850 mar/4/9/1871 Elizabeth Hochstetller near Shanesville, Ohio she was born 10/27/1846
Benjamin...b/8/23/1851 d/3/20/1853 Croup
Eva...b/2/15/1853 at Sugarcreek, Ohio mar/4/16/1871 Eli Hochstetler he was born
         2/11/1849 d/4/9/1873 (2) mar John Schmid d/1/20/1886 Amish Church
Cornelius....b/4/20/1855 d/3/5/1898 mar/9/24/1876 Catherine Hochstetler a sister of
                 Eli b/7/25/1854 at Sugarcreek, Ohio Amish Church
Ezra...b/11/7/1856 mar/1877 to Emma Lenhart of Shanesville, Ohio  Mennonite Church
Susanna...b/12/4/1858 mar 7/13/1879 at Ragersville, Ohio John F Spahr b/04/30/1856
                son of John F and Elizabeth (Kuenzi) both natives of Langnau, Switzerland
                Methodist, Church.
Mary... b/3/2/1861 d/12/31/1881 Killed in accident at K.P. Hall, Shanesville, Ohio
Sarah...b/9/26/1863 mar 4/13/1882 at Shanesville, Ohio Alva E. Ridgeway
            Sugarcreek, Ohio b/8/8/1858 son of Basil and Ann (Link) Amish Mennonite
Barbara... b/8/31/1865 d/ 11/30/1878
Robert...b/10/21/1868 at Shanesville, Ohio mar/8/26/1894 at Farmerstown, Ohio to Ida
             Ellen Farver daughter of Francis M and Martha Ann (Beck) Becks Mill, Ohio
             Builder and House Mover by Trade. United Brethren Church
Mahlon...b/2/22/1873 at Sugarcreek, Ohio mar(1)Margaret Vanallmen  d/3/2/1905 daughter of
             Henry Vanallman United Brethren Church