There are two theories as to Henry Garlitz, son of Henry Garlitz of Greenville Twp. One being that he is the Henry who married Elizabeth Fair, the other being that he is the Henry who married a Choctaw Indian maiden. This page discusses both theories, poses a third, and then presents the descendents of Henry Garlits and the Choctaw Indian Maiden.


Who was Henry Garlits?

It is unclear if this Henry Garlits is the son of Henry Garlitz of Greenville Twp born in 1805, who was the son of Hendrey (Christian I). This Henry by one theory is thought to be the father of Theodore Henry, the progenitor, for, among others, the famous race car driver Don Garlits. He is also proported to have married an Indian maiden. Another theory has Henry son of Henry of Greenville Twp marrying an Elizabeth Fair. Their descendents are recorded.

There was, however, another Henry of the same time period, a cousin of Henry's son Henry, that being Henry son of Christian II. We have no information for him, no date of birth, no descendents. However, Henry, son of Christian II, would have been born in Maryland, as Christian II had moved there by 1800 and that is where he raised his family. Census records have the Henry who married Elizabeth Fair being born in PA, which would be consistent with him being the son of Henry Garlitz of Greenville Twp. We find the Fair family interwined with the Garlitz family, both in Greenville Twp and also in Ohio. Could it be that Henry the father of Theodore Henry is actually Henry the son of Christian II? We do not know.

The Henry presented on this page is the Henry who married a Choctaw Indian.


Henry Garlitz

 Son of Henry Garlitz and Magadelena Hutzel.

Henry became a Methodist preacher. He married a Native American.


Theodore Henry
Others ?

I think I have it right as my Father was very sure of the fact that his Grandfather Henry was a Methodist Preacher and was married to a Choctaw Indian maid. I have no records of any of Henry Theodore's siblings, but I'm sure there were some. Also Theodore Henry left his wife Elizabeth in 1888, the year my father was born and this is for sure. So it looks like the Theodore H. Garlitz who married Jennie Stemple are one and the same. He just reversed his name because he never got a divorce from Elizabeth. I'm sure of all the spellings as my father was very devoted to his Mother and cared for her till she passed away, because he was the only child that she kept, all others were given to the orphans home and then distributed to different farms and homes, almost like servants. It's a sad story! Don Garlits

Information from notes of Don Garlits.

My father was George LeVan Garlits son of Edward Elmer Garlits (1888-1965) and grandson of Henry Garlits. His mother was Mabel IreneBooth. Don Garlits is my half uncle. In 1966 my grandmother (Mabel) wrote: "Your grandfather Garlits used to tell me that his family were of German descent but no one knew when they came over. The names Garlitz (family spelling) and Eicher are German names. His mother was an Indian girl, from the Choctaw tribe. [This matches what Don Garlits stated.] His mother was a lovely person. She taught Sunday School, Methodist. Had 9 children. Your grandfather was the youngest. His brothers were fine men. One, a banker, one on the B -&- O RR all his life, conductor, one had a radio store, one an artist.The girls were all married and nice folks..."  Rebecca Garlitz Pouc