Christopher Garlitz

We need your help in identifying where this Christopher Garlitz fits into the family line? Can you identify these photos?  My thanks to Esta Park for her contributions.

"Attached are photos of some Garlitz family. The man and woman together are the couple I told you that my Uncle said was John Garlitz and wife. He said that they are Alice's parents. Her death certificate (however) gives her parents names as Christopher Garlitz and Alida Skiff. Maybe this couple is Alice's grandparents or John and Christopher are the same person. I don't know. Maybe someone can identify them. The three together are George and Alice (Garlitz) McDonald and son Walter-who is my late father. The baby with Alice is also my father, Walter. Sorry to be so long getting these to you but this is the first chance I've had to visit my son who is sending these photos for me." Esta Park

Could Christopher be Christian Garlitz son of John and Mary Garlitz? The names were often used interchangeably in those times.

I have found that Christopher was from Avilton Md. On the 1880 census (Somerset County PA), Christopher and Alida are listed with 8 daughters. There are 12 daughters all together, I have found two more from another website, for a total of 10 so far. This Christopher (listed in the 1880 census) is listed as 37 years old, so that would put his birth date in the right ballpark. Sometime in the near future, I plan to go to the Garrett County courthouse and see what I can find. Esta Park

Hi Tom,
 The picture (at the Springs Museum) had a note attached that said this: "Christopher and Lydia Teresa (Skiff) Garlitz, Myersdale and Berlin, PA. Donated by a great granddaughter Elizabeth (Bittinger) Weimer." I asked if I could get a copy or have the glass removed to take a photo. I left my name, address, and phone number with my request. Don't know if they will allow this or not. Sure hope they will.
I looked at your website and could not find this descendants name. She would be a generation older than I am. I've seen the Bittinger and Weimer names, but can't remember where. There are some who live around here. I wanted to leave a querie on the website, but my computer would not pull up that part of the site. Maybe it's because you don't have a provider yet. Does this name ring a bell with you?
Another thought; I now have 3 different names for Christopher's wife. They are similar to some degree. I wonder if the Eliza Kiff living with John and Mary (1860 census) could have been Christopher's future wife and the census taker got the name wrong. She was from Virginia so maybe she was sent North because the Civil War was beginning. We may never know. I just wish I could locate some of Christopher's descendants who would talk to me. The one's I found who were descendants of Susanah never got back to me (about getting together) and never responded to a second email.

1880 Census Data Somerset County PA

Gerlitz Christopher 37 .. Farmer . MD MD PA .

Gerlitz Alida  33 . Wife .  . Keeping house 

Gerlitz Mary 15 . Daughter  Servant  PA MD PA . 

Gerlitz Martha 14 . Daughter  Servant  MD MD PA . 

Gerlitz Susannah 11 . Daughter Servant. MD MD PA (Susan G. Garlitz. born 3 Aug 1868 in Avilton, MD, and died 27 Mar 1949 in Berlin,PA. She was buried 30 Mar 1949 in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Berlin,PA. She married Charles Theodore Baker 1889, son of Levi Baker and Margaret (Peggy) . Charles was born 25 Feb 1868, and died 1932.)

Gerlitz Sarah  11 . Daughter Servant   MD MD PA . 

Gerlitz Ida  8 . Daughter PA MD Married William H. Sarver

Gerlitz Alice  6 . Daughter . PA MD

Gerlitz Elizabeth  3 . PA MD PA .  Obituary from the Gospel Herald - the former Mennonite weekly publication: Henry, -- Clara Elizabeth, daughter of the late Christian and Lydia (Skiff) Garlitz, was born Dec. 4, 1876, at Coal Run, Somerset Co., Pa.; died at her home in Meyersdale, Pa., July 27, 1951; aged 74 y. 7 m. 23 d. Her first husband (Benjamin Livengood, Salisbury, Pa.), died Oct. 7, 1927. To this union was born one son who also preceded her in death in 1942. May 11, 1931, she was married to Orrick Henry, who survives. Also surviving are 2 sisters (Mrs. Malinda Darrah and Edith Garlitz, Meyersdale, Pa.). Born and raised in a Catholic home, she became a member of the Lutheran Church at the time of her second marriage. Through the medium of "The Way" and cottage meetings held in their home she again became interested in spiritual things and by choice was received into the Casselman River Conservative congregation Oct. 2, 1949. In this communion she died. She was much concerned about the unsaved and had a testimony for her Lord. Brief services were held at the Konhaus Funeral Home by Ivan Miller and at the Maple Glen Church, Grantsville, Md., by Ivan Miller, Mark Peachey, and C. W. Bender. Interment was made in the adjoining cemetery.

Gerlitz Lydia  1/12 . Daughter PA MD 

Snide Harrison F W M 22 . Laborer X. . .  PA 

Edith (obituary)


Gerlitz Thomas W M 28 . Brother

Note that the brother Thomas is age 28.  Christopher/Christian Garlitz son of John and Mary Garlitz had a brother Thomas of the same age. This almost certainly identifies the Christopher of this page with John and Mary Garlitz.

Ellen (born in 1881 after the above census) Married Charles Ringler

see census record

Christopher and Alida (Skiff) Garlitz or John and Mary Garlitz?

John and Mary Garlitz or Christopher and Alida Shiff