Annie G. Garlitz Harding

daughter of Henry & Lucy Garlitz

died August 19, 1924

married Charles F. Harding b. 12/14/1851 died 8/19/1910


(list still in formation)

James C., 1/1876, Md.

John B., 3/1878, Md.

Thomas F.12/1879, Md.

George A., 7/1881, Pa.

May Lee,  1884

Michael N., , 5/1885, Pa.

Annie P., 9/1886, Pa.

Charles R. 12, 3/1888, Pa.

Peter Obediah b. 1889

Robert Jonsey    b. 1890    d. 1971    never married

Edward    b. 1891    d. Sept. 3, 1892

Owen P. b. 1899    d. 1929    m. Mabel E. Orendorff    children: Daniel, Elizabeth, Margaret

Emma C.7, 9/1892, Pa.

Francis W., 8/1894, Pa.


"Monk" ?

"Catty" ?








The following is census information submitted by Sharon Robertson


I just found your site and hope  your still here.  I don't have stories to tell my line is Harding and Charles was the youngest brother of my gggreat grandfather Frederick A. Harding, anyway, a few years ago I received a packet from Somerset Historical Society and it had burial records and obits for Charles & Anna Garlitz Harding and a couple of the children.  Charles and Anna L. Harding are both buried in St. Michaels Churchyard Cemetery in Salisbury, Somerset, Pa.

Charles died 8/19/1910 of stomach cancer have his obit he was buried August 21, 1910  Anna L. Harding died August 19, 1924 and was buried August 21, 1924 yes it is the same date only 14 years later then her husband.  The obits have a list of the children living in both obits, I also have the census records from 1880-1900-1910-1920 for Charles and Anna.  

1880 census for Summit Township is

Harding, Charles, 28, Md.

Anna, wife, 27, Md.

James, son, 4, Md.

John, son, 3, Md.

William, son, 2, Md.

Thomas, son, 5 months, Md.


1900 Elk Lick, Somerset

Harding, Charles, 49, Md. married 27 years

Annie L, wife, 48, Md., 15 children, 13 liviing

James C., son, 24 1/1876, Md.

John B., son, 22 3/1878, Md.

Thomas F., son, 20, 12/1879, Md.

George A., son, 18, 7/1881, Pa.

May Lee, daughter, 16, Pa.

Michael N., son, 15, 5/1885, Pa.

Annie P., daughter, 13, 9/1886, Pa.

Charles R., son, 12, 3/1888, Pa.

Peter O., son, 10, 9/1889, Pa.

Emma C., daughter, 7, 9/1892, Pa.

Francis W., son, 5, 8/1894, Pa.

Patrick O. son, 1, 3/1899, Pa.


1910 census, Salisbury, Somerset

Harding, Charles, 57, Md.

Annie L., 56, Md.

Thomas F., 30, Md.

Michael N., 25, Pa.

Peter O., 20, Pa.

Emma C., 17, Pa.

Frances W., 15, Pa.

Patrick O., 11, Pa.

Carmers, Mary M., 7 who she is do not know


1910 census - Salisbury, Somerset

Harding, Williiam C., 33, Md. Md Md.

Annie, wife, 35, Pa., Md., Pa.

Charlotte A., daughter, 11, Pa.

Samuel C., 8, Pa.

Edgar J., 6, Pa.

Agnes L., 7/12 Pa.

The above census was taken a couple months before Charles died.


1920 census Salisbury

Harding Anna L., widow, 68, Md.

Thomas F., son, 40, Miner, Md.

Charles R., son, 32, Pa.


1920 census Salisbury

Harding, Patrick O., 20, Pa. Laborer

Mabel, 18, Md.

Anna E., daughter, 7/12, Pa.


These dates and spelling are from obits and census so they are only as good as the person who is taking them down.  Robert is mentioned in the obits but is not on the census under Robert so he may Charles R.??? 


Annie P. Harding married a William C. Robinson he was born Pa., both his parents born in Scotland

1910 census Salisbury

Robinson, William 29, 33, Pa.

Annie P., wife, 23, Pa., married 4 years 3 children

William C., 2, Pa.

Annie E., 1, Pa.

Lillian M., 2/12, Pa.

The obits for Charles and Annie say they had 15 children 12 boys 3 girls, so May Lee and Emma married Frank Murphy or John Smith and one re-married Daniel Monroe, in some places William is spelled Robertson, I am still pursuing this family so if it is all right will let you know what information I do find on the other familes sorry this is so long but my scanner is not working at this time.

Please let me know you get this and it is all right to Post this information as long as the family understands it is written as I found it....I take no blame for any wrong dates, etc.

Charles Harding/Harden was born 12/14/1851 Frostburg, Allegany County, Maryland his parents were William Harding and Marie that is all we have ever found on his parents, Marie died sometime after Charles birth and before 1860 census.  Age 9 he was living with his sister Elizabeth Hoskins in Frostburg 1860 census, spellen Oskins guess it was the accent the census taker heard.

Thank You

Sharon Robertson    


      The following information was submitted by Sharon Robinson.

This is from the Somerset County Star

January 5, 1911

Walter F. Harding

Walter F. Harding died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Charles Harding in this place on Tuesday evening, January 3rd, of pneumonia, after an illness of only several days. Walter F. Harding was born in West Salisbury, August 21, 1894, therefore being over 16 years of age. His death is the second within the past five months, his father dying August 19, 1910. Deceased is survived by his mother and the following brothers and sisters, James of Duquesne, John of Frostburg, Md., George of _____, Mrs. Frank Murphy and Robert, of Akron, Ohio, Michael of Jenners, William and Mrs. William Robinson of town, Thomas, Obe, Owen and Emma, at home. The funeral will be held Friday morning in St. Michaels church, at West Salisbury, of which he was a member.  Rev. Father Brady, his pastor officiating.  Interment in the cemetery adjoining.

Additional information

Owen Patrick Harding born Elk Lick 3/6/1899 registered for WWl 9/12/1918 Somerset, Pa.,  Teamster for E.H. Miller 

Peter Obediah Harding registered born 9/8/1889 had a wife and child Miner in Emerville, West Virginia, pretty long way to go....

John Byard Harding was born 3/1/1876 registered age 42 for WWl, says he was  hard of  hearing.

Thomas Frederick Harding registerd for WWl says address Elk Lick, this date has to be wrong says he was born 12/15/1876 no way he was born in 1880 Miner for Ringler Brothers...

My grandmother Maud Harding was born in Boynton in 1877 and a couple other siblings her parents were Frederick and Julia Harding and we have Never found them in the 1880 census anywhere or records from their births so I help out whenever I can with what I have.

I am sure there might be many Hardings still around that area from the Harding/Garlitz family.

Herbert Harding was my great uncle and he lived there for years with his whole brood.  

Maybe when you have time to put this on your site there will be someone who it will be able to help trace their lineage also. submitted by Sharon Robinson