Solomon Garlitz

The story is told of a Solomon Garlet (spelled thus) who went West and changed the spelling of his name. It is said that he left in the night and would not talk about it.  Family lore has it that he was an Oklahoma "Sooner". While the story is attributed to Solomon son of Henry and Magdalena Garlitz, we know he died in 1846, forty three years before the Sooners of April, 1889.   Perhaps the story is of his son Solomon Gregory.

A more precise history of Solomon Garlitz is offered by descendent Charles B. Garlitz.

Son of Henry Garlitz and Magdalena

Married    Rebecca (Unknown) possibly McKenzie
Died 1846

Jerimiah Joseph b.3/15/1832  Maryland
Simeon Christopher b.3/19/1834  Maryland d. 1923 Caldwell, KS m. Lucy Haskett 1859-1946
Minnie. b. about 1878; d. 1881  
Ardilla Mary 4/21/1881 to 11/2/1962 . Ardilla m. Fred Rowan
1870 Census image
Samuel b. 4/14/1836  Maryland m. Elizabeth Durst
Mary Elizabeth b. 3/10/1838  Maryland d. 1921 Ames, OK m. Henry Peterman
Rebecca Jane b. 3/02/1839  Maryland m. Henry Kurtz 
(or m1 Henry Albright and m2 Robert Turner)
Sarah Ann b. 1/13/1841  Maryland m Peter Long 5 children
Dennis Levi b. 8/18/1884 Maryland
Drucila Emily b. 9/28/1885 Maryland m. Charles Edgar Lampkin
Solomon Gregory b. 8/25/1846  Maryland d. Aug 15, 1908 m1 Caroline Laird
m2 Effie Jane Hakes













see 1850 census  Solomon Sr. is not listed in the 1850 census along with Rebecca and children. 

Rebecca and Simeon are listed among the old settlers of Saline County KS having arrived there in May of 1859.

Joseph, Simeon and brother-in-law Henry Peterman are listed in the 1865 Saline County KS census. As well, Joseph and Henry are listed with the Calvary Co. 1863 of Saline County. 

Solomon Garlitz 1870 Census Kansas


Sarahan Garlitz Long



Daughter of Solomon and Rebecca Garlitz

Born 1/13/1841
Married: Peter Long

Peter Long was the son of Daniel Long and Elizabeth Engle. Elizabeth Engle was the daughter of Peter Engle and Anna Barbara Garlitz. Anna Barbara was Sarahan's great aunt and Peter Long's grandmother.


Clara Long b: 22 FEB 1867, Ohio  d. 1943 
Oscar Long b.: 25 AUG 1868, Ohio  BURIAL: Maple Grove Cem,Ohio  m. Mary E. Robart
Orpha Long b.: 23 FEB 1873 
Mable Long b.: 24 OCT 1875, Ohio d. 21 NOV 1927 
Daisy Long b. 8 DEC 1878, Ohio



Mary Elizabeth Garlet Peterman






Daughter of Solomon and Rebecca Unknown Garlitz

b. 3/10/1838    d. 21 JUL 1921 in Ames OK
Married  Henry PETERMAN b: 1828 in Tuscarawas Co OH


i. Solomon..
ii. Rebecca. 
iii. Samuel. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth     b: 25 MAR 1873
v. Edgar. 
vi. Verneca. 
vii. Louis. 
According to a Peterman descendant three additional children should be added. Charles, b. 1870. (Since he's not in the 1880 census he must have died as a child.) Berniece, b. 1881 and Eleomoram, b. 1887.

More notes on Henry and Mary Garlets Peterman

Henry Peterman married Mary Elizabeth Garlitz in 1863 in Saline county, Kansas where they raised their children who received their religious training at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Salina. In 1894/95 they sold their farm in the Smokey River area of Saline county to Joseph Debold a neighbor and moved to Woods county Oklahoma, which later became Major county ,Ames was their closest town. Henry took out a homestead but died before improving the section; Mary had to start the paperwork all over again;therefore the homestead is in her name. She lived on the property until her death in 1921. Mary sold her property to her son Louis Peterman Henry and Mary are buried in the Ames Cemetery ; but probably didn't have head stones. from Ann Wells














Samuel Garlet

son of Solomon Garlet

married Elizabeth Durst


i. Dennis. b. 5 October 1862.
ii. Jacob. b. 17 December 1864.
iii. Edward, b. 10 December 1866.
iv. Solomon. b. 11 January 1868.
v. Samuel. b. 9 April 1870.
vi. Emma. b. 11 July 1873.
vii. Will. b. 9 January 1875.
Other Garlitz’s buried on Lot 158 in the Caldwell cemetery are Orpha, d. 1880; (she appears in the 1880 census as a 2 year old daughter); Howard, d. 1883; William Allen, (perhaps the Will mentioned above), d. 25 April 1964; and Nora, b. 11 December 1880, d. 25 November 1969. Some of these are and all may be children of Samuel and Elizabeth.

Marriage record for William and Nora












Drucila Emily Garlet

Daughter of Solomon Garlet

married Charles Edgar Lampkin


i. Emma. b. 9 August 1873.
ii. Ida Rebecca. b. 9 March 1875.
iii. Lucy Irene. b. 22 April 1876.
iv. Edgar N. b. 13 October 1879; died 7 September 1955 at Coldwater, Kansas.











Solomon Garlet

son of Solomon

married Caroline Laird        married 2nd    Effie Hakes (July 31, 1878) record

Children of Solomon and Caroline:
i. Honorah. b. 2 November 1870; died 13 September 1912.
ii. Anna Rebecca. b. 24 March 1872; died 11 March 1941.

Children of Solomon and Effie Jane:
iii. Grace Vanet. b. 9 April 1877;  died 16 October 1944.
iv. Lymon Leroy. b. 19 November 1881; died March 1887.
v. James Harvey. b. 7 August 1884; died 11 March 1944.
vi. Effie Gertrude. b. 13 October 1886; died September 1888.
vii. Charles Bernard. b. 22 December 1888; died 16 November 1956.
viii. Lettie Genevieve. b. 20 August 1891; died 10 July 1962.
ix. Clarence Gregory. b. 23 May 1894; died 18 November 1943.
x. Eugene Marion. b. 18 October 1898; died 20 February 1989.
xi. Effie Sequinna. b. 1 January 1901; died 10 March 1960.

These men are great. uncles of my husband and I have chased them from MD/PA to OK. Solomon Gregory, his given name, also married Effie Jane Hakes on 31 Jul 1875 in Saline Co KS. On the 1890 Territory Census the family can be found in Oklahoma City.  It also list his civil war unit from TX.  I haven't researched that yet. Could be Confederate.  On the 1913 Grant Co OK Tax List, Sol and his bro Dennis are listed as living at Hillsdale. They were buried in Caldwell KS.  That was where they were before the opening of the Strip to homesteaders. Sol did change his name to Garlets as did Dennis, and their brother Simeon who last spelled his name as Garlits. Ann Wells 

1875 census for Solomon Garlets


Ardilla Garlitz Rowan

This is the picture of my Great Grandmother Garlitz, sitting in the chair (don't know her name but think it is Lucy A Hasket Garlitz), standing next to her is my Grandmother Ardilla Mary Garlitz Rowan, (who I can remember when I was a child)  After looking at the picture I believe it was taken representing 5 living generations in a family.  The others standing (left to right) is Ardilla's son Ralph Rowan, his son whom we called Junior and he is holding his baby daughter. Submitted by Barbara June Rowan Jenkins