and LULU ROBESON (daughter of Mary Garlitz)


both Raymond and Lulu are direct descendents of Christian Garlitz

son of Sadres McKenzie

Born July 04, 1885 in Avilton, Maryland; died April 27, 1971 in Lonaconing, Maryland.(see obituary) Christened August 09, 1885, St. Michael's Church, Frostburg, Maryland.

Married LULA MYRTLE ROBESON, daughter of Joseph Robeson and Mary Garlitz. She was born June 14, 1891, and died November 20, 1960.

Both are buried at St. Ann's Cemetery, Avilton, Maryland.


1. MARY EMMAShe married WARNICK.

2. PAUL He married SHIRLEY Wilson.

3. CECILA CATHERINE Born March 23, 1908; died 1987. She married WILLIAM DUGAN; born 1905; died June 25, 1973. Both are buried at St. Ann's Cemetery, Avilton, Maryland.

4. ANNA PEARL Born January 16, 1911 in Avilton, Maryland; died January 28, 2005 in National Pike, Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland.(see obituary) She married (1)DENNIS SYLVESTER BROADWATER 1932 in St. Ann's Church, Avilton, Maryland, son of Peter Broadwater and Sarah Garlitz. He was born June 13, 1912 in Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland, and died November 20, 1980 in Cumberland Memorial Hospital, Cumberland, Maryland. Buried at St. Ann's Cemetery,Avilton, Maryland. Served in Army World War II. CHILDREN OF ANNA AND DENNIS BROADWATER: She married(2) TYRUS SIDNEY FOWLER. He was born October 08, 1912, and died July 10, 1968. He is buried at St. Ann's Cemetery, Avilton, Maryland. He was killed in an auto accident.

5. Gilbert    b. 7/11/1913    d. 3/9/1979    m. June Merrill    children: Thelma

6. AUSTIN JOSEPH Born November 07, 1917 in Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland; died December 10, 2003 in Finzel, Maryland. Alias "Tip". Buried Finzel Cemetery, Finzel, Maryland. Served in Army World War II. He married BETTY GRACE WERNER , daughter of John Werner and Rose Finzel. She was born September 21, 1924; died aft. 2003. Children: John Joseph Born September 19, 1946 in Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania; died July 07, 1980 in Sacred Heart Hospital, Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland. He married JUDITH LINTHICUM. She was born October 10, 1943, and died aft. 2003. He is buried at Finzel Cemetery, Finzel, Maryland (see obituary)

MORE ABOUT AUSTIN; During the war "Tip" participated in the landing of Normandy and fought in various campaigns in the liberation of Europe. He received eight medals for his valor, including the Silver Star and the most recent being the Jubilee of Liberty medal issued by the city of Versailles, France.

7. LEONARD FRANCIS Born September 01, 1927.