Lillian "Lily" Garlitz Newman


Three Sisters
Rose, Ella, and Lily

"Lily Catherine was the fourth child of Isidore -- born Aug. 2 1881.  My mother said they  "went west"  in a box car --- took all their things in that with them.  That was the way pioneers went at that time.  I have read they took livestock sometimes too.  She is the one who married John Newman  They apparently were not well off and she only got back here a time or two.   One time she came back she brought mother and I  (and I am sure everyone)  a tiny China cup and saucer.  I still have it. During World War II her daughters Anne and Margaret came back here to visit. I loved them; they were really nice. Years later my husband and kids and I went west and my mother insisted we call the Newmans.  Aunt Lily was gone by then.  We didn't like to visit relatives we didn't know, so we checked into a Holiday Inn in Seattle and then called.  Ann insisted we not sign up for another night and had us come out there.  We loved her and her husband, ended up staying there several days.  All three of my kids cried when they had to leave to go to Disney Land!!!  So you know they were super people.   The next year or so, Ann, who had asthma and went to Arizona for the winter, came home for Christmas, got asthma and died.  Bill Knoll, her husband,  remarried.  They had a get together and we met some of the others.  Margaret is still living, but Susie, I think the oldest, just passed away last year.Oh yes, the Newmans lived at Selbyville (the road to Oakland from Grantsville)  and they flooded it and put in the Deep Creek Lake which destroyed their home. They took their money and went west." from Joan McGowan Collins. Jan. 2001

 "I am related to the Washington Newmans on both sides of my family. Lily's husband, John Newman, was a brother to my mother's Grandma Beynon. My father Leonard, son of Orville - brother to Lily,  traveled, along with my Uncle Paul, several times to Washington to visit his Newman relatives. He always enjoyed these trips immensely and kept pictures of the Newman family on the bookcase next to his chair in the kitchen."  from Tom Garlitz, grand nephew of Lily. Jan 2001

Lily Catherine Garlitz Newman
Daughter of Isadore and Matilda Elizabeth McKenzie Garlitz
b. Aug. 21, 1881        d.             m. John Newman

Abner Claude Newman b. 29 Sept. 1899 in Lovilia , Iowa d. in Everett , WA 14 March l993. 93 years. Never married 

Susie May Newman b. 20 Nov. 1900 in Lovilia , Iowa d. in Everett 13 Sept 1999. m. Clemiel J. Smith b. 10 July 1890 d. 28 Oct 1955.    3 sons. Clemiel J. Smith, Wesley Walter.

 Harry Clifford Newman b 12 Aug. 1902 in Lovilia , Iowa d  18 June 1962 age 59. m Elsie E ( Anderson ) b. 12 April 1905 d. 2 April 1983. 5 children: Eva, June, Bud, Charles, Nancy   Photo of Harry with baby

 Casett John Louis Newman b l July 1905 in Everett , WA d 19 Sep 1905 (2 mo.) 

Urben Marion Newman b. 13 July 1906 in Port Susan, Snohomish Co. WA d. 21 Jan 1979 in Everett . Age 72 years. m. Ruth (Cushman)b. 11 March 1909. 3 children: Jean, Max, Warren   Photo of Jean

Margaret Lillian Newman b. 24 Sept 1907 Everett , WA m.Theodore Kallicot b. 24 Jan 1906 d. 19 May 1953, 3 children: Donald, Barbara Ann, Carol 

Orville Moses Owens Newman b. 10 April 1910 in Everett , d. 1 Feb 1995. m. Bertha (Gyorog) 2 Children: Claudia, Shirley. 

Anna Gertrude Newman b. 1 Oct. 1912 in Everett d. 27 Dec. 1970 age 58. m. Billy D Knowles b. 15 Feb. 1913 d. 11 Feb. 1993 in Phonix. AZ. No children 

Dean Archie Newman b 3 Dec 1914 in Everett , WA d. 2 Sept. 1993.  m. Minnie (Wetzel) b. 25 Nov. 1918 d. 24 Oct 1980.6 children: Jerry, Eileen, Joan, Patsy, Raymond, Peggy.

m.2 Patsy I (Wright) b. 9 June 1941 d 25 Sept 1992. 

Hershal Richard Glen Newman b. 17 Feb 1917 in Everett , d. 1 June 1999. 82 years. m. Ruth Leggett) b. 4 Oct 1923 d. 14 March 1993. 2 children Sherry & Richard 

Jessie William Laurence Newman b. 21 Sept 1919 d. 22 July 1920. 10 months 

Barbara Ellen (Newman) b. 28 May 1921 in Tacoma WA m. Lloyd Burgy b. 31 Jan 1918 d. 17 Jan. 1978 3 children: Linda died infant Allen, John       Photo of Barbara

Frank Marston Newman b. 5 Jan 1924 in Tacoma , Wa m. Shirley (Harshmann. 3 children: Robin, Ronald, Penny. Photos of Frank

 Margaret, Barbara and Frank are the only ones still living. Margaret is 96 and a great lady. Still driving, keeps her own house and beautiful flowers.  Information provided by Nancy Foster, daughter of Harry  May 2004