Eston Boyd

Son of Catherine Engle Boyd and James Boyd
Grandson of Barbara Garlitz

b: December 9, 1832 Somerset Co, Pennsylvania
d: November 2, 1899
m. February 10, 1855
Sarah Frisbey
b: March 2, 1837
d: December 30, 1865
children: James VanClief Boyd, Delilah and Mary Elizabeth

2nd marriage
Ann Gohn Gindlesparger[LaGrange Co. marriage indexes has her name as Ginglesparger or Ginglesparker]
m. August 19, 1866, LaGrange In. by Peter Long
b: July 17, 1836
d. March 4, 1878, Noble twp., Branch Co., Mi.
Chauncey Edward, John Edwin, Catherine, Jacob Eston, Minnie, Pearl, Edna Alice, Ida (twin) Lyda (twin)

3rd marriage
m. Sept 25, 1879, Burr Oak, Mi.
Magdalene Gindlesparger Maybee
b: June 20, 1837, Masselon Ohio
d. Dec. 1910, Ontario, Lima twp. LaGrange Co, Ind.

Ch: William Arthur BOYD


Eston's obituary appears in the LaGrange Standard, Thursday, Nov. 9, 1899:


Eston Boyd was born Dec. 9, 1832; died Nov. 2, 1899, making his age 67 years, 10 months and 28 days.

In the year 1856 he was united in marriage to Sarah Frisbey. To them were born three children, one boy and two girls. The boy and one girl passed away some time ago; also his wife Sarah died in the year 1866.

August 19, 1866, he was united in marriage to Anna Gindlesparger. To this union were born nine children, three boys and six girls. Two died in infancy and seven remain to mourn the loss of a kind and loving father. After thirteen years of loving companionship his wife Anna departed this life.

In the year 1873 he removed from Michigan to LaGrange county. In 1879 he was united in marriage to Magdelane Maybee. Unto them was born one son, who together with the mother survive him, making in all a wife and nine children to mourn their loss, also nine brothers and four sisters survive him.
In the year 1888 he became a member of the M. E. church of Ontario, and remained a faithful member up to the time of his death.

Eston BOYD, 2nd child of James BOYD and Catherine Engle BOYD.
Eston was about four years old when his parents moved from Somerset Co., Pa. to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. In Jan 1841 they moved to Elkhart twp., Noble Co. In and in Oct of 1854 to Clay twp., LaGrange Co. In.

From 1862 to 1865, Eston lived in Noble Co., In; 1865-1870, in St Joseph Co., MI. and 1870-1884 in Branch Co., Mi. From 1884 until his death in Ontario, Lima twp., LaGrange Co., In. Eston was a farmer, working as a tenant part of the time. He is buried at Ontario, In.

Sarah Frisbey was the daughter of Mary Ann (VanClief) and John Frisbey who came to Noble County in the fall of 1842, and in April 1844 to LaGrange Co, In. arah was a sister of Cary R. Frisbey who married Eston's sister, Elizabeth Boyd. After the death of her mother, NOV> 7, 1854 she kept house for her father until her marriage to Eston. For a short time they lived in Noble co., then moved near Fawn River, Michigan.

Sarah was a good housekeeper, painstakingly neat and generous to the extreme, a good talker and an especially sunny disposition. It was said among her friends that she was never seen without a smile. She died at the age of 27 years. 9 mo. and 28 days. She is buried in the Saylor-Bethel Cemetery, west of LaGrange, In.

Ann Gohn was first married to Reuben Gindlesparger. They had three daughters, Mary, born Sept. 2, 1859, who married James Bowdish. Mary died July 10, 1882 and is buried at Burr Oak, Mi.. Lydia was born at Sturgis michigan in 1860. She finished 8th grade then went to Colorado where she married Frank Foreman; she died at Canfield, Colorado in 1904, and is buried at Erie, Colorado. Mahla was born Dec. 9, 1864, Sturgis, Michigan; finished 8th grade and went with her sister Lydia, to Canfield, Colorado, where she married Edward sheln. she died in june of 1920, is buried at Erie, Colorado.

With 3 small children when she married Eston and their own which soon came along, Ann must have been a busy mother. Ann died aged 42 yrs, 7 mo., 16 days. She is buried in Thayer Cemetery, Noble twp., Branch Co., Mich.

Magdalene Maybee was the widow of William Maybee and a sister of Reuben Gindlesparger, the first husband of Eston's second wife, Ann.


Children of Eston BOYD and Sarah Frisbey
James VanClief BOYD
b. September 12, 1858, LaGrange Co., In.
d. March 21, 1891, Near Cosperville, Noble Co., In.
s. Never married.

When a small boy, an illness resulted in a deformed spine (rickets), which disabled him from manual labor. After his mother's death in 1865, he lived for a short time with his Aunt Delilah Frick. When he was twelve years old, he went to live with his grandparents, James and Catherine Boyd until Catherine died in 1881, then a few years with his uncle and aunt, the Cary Frisbeys. After that he lived with Delilah Frick until his death.

He had a horse and wagon, called a "peddling wagon" and went about the countryside selling groceries and notions, often staying all night at the Frisbeys.

"Little Jimmie" as he was called, was an honest, upright boy, respected by all and a faithful member of the German Baptist Church in Noble Co. He died at the home of his Aunt Delilah. He is buried in the Saylor Bethel Cemetery west of LaGrange. he marker says 33 yrs, 6 mo 9 da but 32 yrs. 6 mo 9 da is correct age.

Delilah BOYD
b. Aug 28, 1862, NOBLE Co, In
d. Aug 4, 1920, Kennard, Ne.
m. June 23, 1883
William McCourtie
b. July 17, 1863, Bthel, Mich
children: Nina Luella and Glen Edwin

After the death of her mother in 1864, she made her home with her uncle and aunt, Elizabeth and Cary R. Frisbey, until she was 17 years old. From 1879 for some time she kept house for her father Eston, worked in Bronson, Mich. and visited a half sister in Colorado.
After marrying, Will and Delilah lived at Bethel, Mich. until 1892 when they moved to Harvey, Il and he worked on buildings for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. In Sept of 1910 they moved to Kennard, Nebraska where he was postmaster for several years.

The Frankes visited them in the summer of 1912. Delilah was a quiet but kindly person and loved by all; devoted to her family and a member of the Adventist Church. One winter and another summer she had again lived with her aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Carey and being a double cousin, was always considered as a sister by the Frisbey children. She was in failing health for some time and in June 1920, Minnie (Frisbey) Charles and Frances (Frisbey) Franke visited her at Kennard, Nebraska. Soon after her death Will went to Shreveport, La. HE never remarried and when her died was buried at Shreveport. Deliliah is buried at Kennard.

Mary Elizabeth BOYD
b. Dec. 31, 1863, LaGrange Co., In.
d. Dec. 22, 1865, LaGrange Co., In. buried in Saylor-Bethel cemetery age 1 yr, 11 mo. and 22 days

Children of ESton BOYD and Ann Gohn Gindlesparger

John Edwin BOYD (twin)
b. May 7, 1867, St. Joseph Co., Mi.
d. Dec. 25, 1931, Vicksburg, Mi.
m. March 28, 1893, LaGrange, In. V6-164
Effa May Phillips
b.__________in Indiana
d. Jan 5, 1908, Sturgis, Mi.
Children one child unnamed and Anna Mae
They lived at Sturgis but were later divorced

2nd marriage April 6, 1905, Centreville, Mi.
Hallie Kunsleman
b. Oct. 23, 1889, Mendon Mich.
d. Sept. 2, 1957, Mendon, Mich.
Children: (3) Bessie Bernice, Fannie Irene, Robert William
1905-1931, they lived on a farm near Sturgis, Michigan. Later at Mendon, Michigan. John and wives are buried at Sturgis, Michigan.

Chauncey BOYD (twin)
b. May 7, 1867, St. Joseph Co., Mich.
d. August 30, 1951, Ontario, In.
Matilda Jane Dunkel
d. ____________
Children:(4) Pearl Zoe, Rose, Howard Leslie, Edna Marie

Matilda and Chauncey separated and the children went to live with his brother, Jake Boyd and wife, Nellie and were raised by them. Chauncy did not marry again. He and Matilda are buried in the cemetery at Ontario, In.

Catherine Jennet BOYD
b. July 7, 1869 Burr Oak, Mi.
d. Jan. 7, 1934, Longmont, Co.
m. Oct. 12, 1892, Erie, Co.
Silas Eddie Buster d. Feb. 7, 1923, Hygiene, Co.
Children(4): Sala Ruby, Medora Emeline, Edna Mahala, Vera Louise

In 1885, Catherine went west to be with her half-sisters, Lydia and Mahala Gindlesparger who were in Colorado.

Silas Buster,the son of Emeline (Robinson) and William Buster, had moved to Colorado in 1879 with his parents. Silas settled east of Longmont, did farming and raised cattle. Also, had a meat market and at one time a dairy in Denver--Allen's Park Cattle Ranch. They lived on a farm near Erie but last at Hygiene, Co. Catherine and Silas are buried in the cemetery at Hygiene Co.

Jacob BOYD
b. March 20, 1871, Branch Co., Mi.
d. April 12, 1957, Kalamazoo, Mi.
m. Dec. 28, 1899, Goshen, In
Nellie Zook
b. 1875
d. June 17, 1935, Sturgis, Mi.
Children None, They raised his brother Chauncey's children
Jake and Nellie lived on farms around Sturgis, Mi. and Ontario, In. all of their lives but last at Ontario. april 12, 1955 Frances along with Willis McBeth of Oakland, Ca., Minnie Charles of Plainwell, and the John Dekkers of Grand Rapids, Mi. all cousins of Jake visited him in Ontario. He was very hospitable and all had an interesting visit. Jacob and Nellie are both buried in the cemetery at Ontario, In.

Pearl Adair BOYD
b. Jan. 15, 1873, Burr Oak, Mi.
d. March 21, 1947, Wauwatosa, Wi.
m. May 9, 1893, Erie Colorado
Sanford David Buster
b. March 29, 1870, Hamilton, MO.
d. May 20, 1938, Hygiene, Co. Children (4): Eston Louden, Sanford David, Bernard Royal, Orion Ruth

From 1886-1888, Pearl lived with her Aunt Lavina (Frisbey) Gerren and went to the Robbins Grade School in Clay Twp., arange Co., In. Then she went to Colorado to be with her step-sisters,[Frances has them listed as step-sisters; but I believe they were half-sisters] Lydia and Mahala Gindlesparger where she taught school until her marriage. Sanford David was the son of Emeline (Robinson) and william Buster and a brother of Silas, who married Pearl's sister Catherine. He did mining and farming. He was commissioner, Assessor and Deputy Sheriff of Boulder Colorado. Pearl died while visiting her son, Bernard, in Winsconsin. Pearl and Sanford were buried at Longmon, Colorado.

Minnie BOYD
b. 1875, Branch co. Mi.
d. 1940, Howe, In
Charles Stevenson
CHILDREN (2): Robert and Irma
For a number of years Minnie lived with the Ike VanDervanter Family and after the wife's death kept house for him. Minnie and Charles were buried at the cemetery at Brighton.
[cannot find Charles at Brighton in Cemetery Book. In the book Minnie is next to son Robert]

Edna Alice BOYD
b. May 13, 1876, Branch Co., Mi.
d. Feb. 5, 1950, Wawaka, In. William Carson Fulford
b. April 2, 1852, Mexico, In.
d. Feb. 22, 1918, Wawaka, In.
William was a farmer and they lived most of their lives near Wawaka, In. Both were buried there.

Ida BOYD (twin)
b. 1879-1880 (listed in the 1880 census as 9 months old)
d. In infancy

Lyda BOYD (twin)
b. 1879-1880 (not listed in 1880 census) d. in infancy
Both buried in Thayer Cemetery, Branch Co., Mi.

Child of Eston BOYD and Magdalene Gindlesparger Maybee

William Arthur BOYD
b. June 8, 1882, Branch Co., Mi.
d. m. Ma 10, 1910
Clara Belle (Chappel) Swartswalter
b. April 27, 1890, Muskegon, Mi.
Children (11): Lillie, James, Russell, Elizabeth, Clyde, Dorothy, Mary Myrtle, Edna, Reitha, William, Jr. and Helen


Grandchildren of Eston Boyd


Nina Luella McCourtie d/o Delilah BOYD and William McCourtie
b. July 28, 1884, Bethel, Mi.
d. May 1, 1959, Blair, Neb.
m. March 13, 1904 Harvey, Il
James Fletcher Call s/o Saloma (Hardesty) & Levi Call
b. March 16, 1881, Hamlet, In.
children 4: Lyle James, Melvin Grant, Harry Glenn, Doris Althea

m. Dec. 22, 1950 Omaha, Ne
Abott Jacob Hillman
b. March 13, 1880, Modale, Ia.
children: none

In 1892, Nina's parents left Bethel, Mi. and moved to Harvey, Il. she attended school there.  In May 1908, Fletcher and Nina moved to a farm near Blair, Ne.  In the spring of 1921 they went to Hygiene, Co. and March 26, 1923 back to Blair.  Aug. 12, 1933, Fletcher and Nina separated. Later he retired and lived in Omaha.  Nina remained in Blair and made several trips to visit her sons.

Abbott was the son of Mary (Kirk) and John William HIllman, January 1957 he worked for Kelly - Ryan equipment Co. and was an
Auto mechanic. They lived at 66 State St. in Blair.  Nina is buried at Kennard, Ne. 

Glenn Ewin McCourtie s/o Delilah BOYD & William McCourtie 
b. March 7, 1895, Harvey, Il.
d. July 15, 1932, Ohaha, Ne.
m. March 9, 1918, Boston, Mass.
Althea Giggy
b. Sept. 13, 1898, Hartford, Conn.

Children:  Nina Ethel,  Boy unnamed, Francis Marion, Lois Ella

In 1910, Glenn moved with his parents to Kennard, Ne.  June 28, 1917, he enlisted in the Navy, training at The Great Lakes Naval Training Station,  and at U. S. Radio School in
Boston, Mass.  After finishing his course, he was sent to Charleston, S. Carolina.  June 1918 was transferred to submarine Chaser #108.  Discharged March 17, 1919.  They first lived at Kennard but later moved to Omaha where he was a mail clerk for the railway.


Anna Mae BOYD d/o John Edwin BOYD & Effa May Phillips b. February 24, 1897, LaGrange, In d. m. Feb. 11, 1915 Fred Ormedo Parish b. June 21, 1895, Ontario, In. d. children 7: Vernal Ormedo, Evan John, Irene, Evelyn Gertrude, Vivian May, Warren Frank, Dona Gene In 1963 Fred Parish was a State Highway Patrolman. In 1967 they lived at Ontario but address was Rte #3, Howe Indiana. Bessie Bernice BOYD d/o John Edwin BOYD & Hallie Kunsleman b. Nov. 19, 1906, Mendon, Mi. d. m. Nov 30, 1934 Orland, Indiana Elwyn Kott s/o Bertha John Kott b. March 28, 1906, Orland Park, Il. d. Children 2: Amelia Ann and Katherine Kay In 1963 Bessie was a school teacher but later retired. In 1967, Elwyn worked in Vicksburgg and their address was Rte 1, Scott, Mi. (by the Lake). Fannie Irene BOYD d/o John Edwin BOYD & Hallie Kunsleman b. Oct. 20, 1908, Sturgis, Mi. m. June 8, 1930, Vicksburg, Mi. Floyd S. Huntington s/o Rose Fair & James Huntington b. d. Sept. of 1932, vicksburg, Mi. Children 1: Phyllis Floyd worked in the Paper Mill at Vicksburg, where they lived. He is buried at Vicksburg. marriage 2: July 11, 1947, Mendon, Mi. Edward Hughes, Jr. b. d. Children- unkown Edward was a plaster molder. He was the son of Pearl Geppert and Edward Hughes. They lived in Mendon, Mi. Robert William BOYD b. Oct. 22, 1912, Mendon Mi. d. m. April 11, 1943, Washington, D.C. Elizabeth Ray Kinney d/o Ethel Linton & Ray Kinney b. May 8, 1922, Elgin, Neb. Children 5: Priscilla Ray, John Francis, Bruce Owen, Richard, Vivian April 1956, Robert worked for the railroad. They lived in Mendon, Mi. 


The following are Chauncey's children raised by his brother Jacob and his wife Nellie Pearl Zoe BOYD d/o Chauncey BOYD & Matilda Jane Dunkle b. Jan 9, 1894 Bloomfield twp., LaGrange co. In. d. Oct 3, 1963, Howe, Indiana m. Nov. 21, 1921, LaGrange, In. Harry James Curtis, Sr. s/o Elizabeth Darby and Henry Curtis. b. Dec. 18, 1869, London, England d. Oct. 10, 1950, Sturgis, Mi. Hospital Children 4: Harry Edward, Jr., Harold Everett, Jennie Lou, Shirley Ann They lived near Howe, In. and both are buried there. Rose BOYD b. Feb. 28, 1896, BLoomfield twp., LaGrange co., In. d. S. never married Rose attended grade school at Brighton, In. In the spring of 1916 she graduated from Lima H>S> at Howe, In. From 1934- 1945, she worked 11 1/2 years at the YWCA in Kalamazoo, Mi. In 1956 at the Burr Hotel in LaGrange, IN. Howard Leslie BOYD b. April 21, 1899, Greenfield twp., LaGrange Co., In. d. June 14, 1965, Ontario In. m. Nov. 7, 1925, LaGrange, Indiana Mary Boerner d/o Katherine Corbet & Frederick Boerner b. Nov. 28, 1906, Chicago, Il. d. Sept 10, 1963, Ontario, In. Children 2: Howard Russell and Margaret Katherine Mary died of cancer. Howard thought he had cancer and took his own life. They always lived at Ontario and both are buried there. Edna Marie BOYD b. July 11, 1901, near Howe, In. d. Sep. 1973, Kalamazoo, Mi m. May 1, 1927, Howe, In. John Philip Dudley s/o Caroline Weaver and JOhn Dudley b. Sept. 6, 1896, Brown City, St. Clair Co., MI. d. Children 2:Rose Madaline and David John Edna graduated from Lima H.S., Howe, Indiana on May 20, 1920. They lived at 820 Charlotte Avenue, Kalamazoo, Mi. 


CHildren of Catherine Jennet BOYD and Silas Eddie Buster Sala Ruby Buster b. Oct. 10, 1893, Canfield, Co. d. March 7, 1975 Reedsport, Oregon m. Oct 10, 191, Hygiene, Colorado Olon Ernest Williams s/o Lenora E. Thompson and Charles L. Williams b. Feb. 3, 1894, Norridgewock, Maine d. Nov. 19, 1976, Reedsport, Oregon Children 3: Ellen E., Ernest Gale, Leo Alfred Sala attended school at Hygiene, Co. Olin worked for the Long Bell Lumber Co. at Gardnier, near Reedsport, Oregon. He retired in Feb. 1959. In 1956, the John Dekkers visited them and the Colvins at Reedsport and had many interesting trips to point nearby. In Oct. 1965 they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Through the years, Sala had lost her hearing and did housework with the help of her husband. March 1, 1975 they lived at 2135 Elm Avenue, Reedsport, Oregon. Both buried in the Cemetery at Reedsport. Medora Emeline Buster b. Sept. 7, 1898, Pleasant View Ridge, Weld, Co. d. June 11, 1975, North Bend, Oregon m. Nov. 20, 1924, Ft. ollins, Co. Douglas Evans Clemens b. Jan. 3, 1897, Jamestown, Boulder Co. d. Children 2: Buster Douglas, Clare Medora Medora attended school at Hygiene and Douglas at Boulder, Co. August, 1918, Douglas entered the Army as a private and was discharged at Ft. Lewis, Washington in July 1919. He attended Agriculture College at t. Collins, Co. From 1924 to 1955 they lived in Glenwood, Ca. When the highway took their home and they moved to Leadwell St. in VanNuys. The Dekkers visited them there in 1956. Douglas was a fitter and worked for the Southern Gas Works. He retired in Jan. 1962. Frances Dekker and her daughter, Dorothy Petrilli, visited them in 1967. In 1968 they sold the home and lived in a mobile home at Chatworth. Dec. 1, 1969 the moved to San Jacinta. May 1971, Medora had a slight stroke and in 1972 fell and broke her leg, but recovered enough from both that she gets around and does things while in a wheelchair. Dec. 29, 1974 their children had a reception honoring their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. Medora gave much information and data for her line in this Boyd History. Douglas is a "rock Hound" and keeps busy since retirement. June 1, 1975, address: 390 West 7th Street, space 8, San Jacinta, Ca. 92383. Medora is buried in Grand View Cemetary at Glendale, Ca. Edna Mahala Buster b. June 20, 1901, Allen Park, Boulder Co., Colorado d. Nov. 8, 1922, Hygiene, Colorado m. March 17, 1919, Boulder Co. Elmer Earl Smith son of Elizabeth Gertrude Garvin and Earl Smith. b. March 19, 1901, Longmont, Co. d. Nov. 21, 1921, Altona, Co. Children: none Edna attended school at Hygiene, Co. Elmer went to school at Risby, Co. HE was a farmer and worked for his Father at Longmont; is buried at Altona, Co. Edna is buried at Hygiene, Co. Vera Louise Buster b. Dec. 7, 1906, Canfield, Boulder Co., Co. d. August 4, 1960, Reedsport, Ore m. July 4, 1942, Remote, Ore John Colvin Children: none Vera attended Hygiene H.S. July 25, 1928, graduated from School of Nursing at Longmont. Jan 1929 to NOv. 1941 she worked in the hospital there. Dec. 1941 went to Oregon. 1942 Apr-July worked in hospital at Myrtle Point. 1950-55 worked in the office of Dr. D. Courtney in Reedsport. 1956 John worked for Long Bell Lumber Co. John liked to fish and when the Dekkers visited them in 1956, the two Johns got up at 5 am to go fishing in the ocean. Some kinds of fish John Colvin wouldn't think of eating so buried them in his garden for fertilizer. After Vera's death he remarried. 


Children of Pear Adair BOYD and Sanford David Buster Eston Louden Buster b. Oct. 22, 1894, Pleasant View Ridge, Weld County, Co. d. May____ 1951, Longmont, Co. m. 1916, Boulder, Co. Beulah Frances Fawcette b. July 28, 1896, Denver, Co. d. July 1952, Denver, Co. Children 1: Eston Louden II Eston I was a farmer, dairy and stockan and had his own ranch. Beulah was the daughter of Charles F. Fawcette and was a member of the Christian Science Church. Both are buried at Longmont, Co. Sanford David Buster II b. Dec. 27, 903, Erie, Co. d. m. Mildred Von Farrell b. d. Children 2: Sandford David III, Phyllis Elaine second marriage m. June 10, 1934, Santa Ana, Ca. Mildred Harris b. April 9, 1906, Elgin, ORe.children 1: Sandra Sanford David II was a manufacturer. They lived in SanFrancisco, later in San Pedro, Ca. Feb. 14, 1975 they lived at Brawley and he was in a wheelchair. Bernard Royal Buster b. Nov. 15, 1906, 1025 Maxwell Av., Boulder, Co. d. July 4, 1950 Wauwatosa, Wi. m. Nov. 19, 1938 Milwaukee, Wi Alice Helen Bruens d/o Catherine Dillmann & Anton J. Bruens b. July 9, 1905 Milwaukee, Wi Children 1: Sharon Bernard Royal was a football star and graduated from the University at Boulder Co. He was Occupational Manager for General Ins. Co. in Milwaukee and is buried in Wisconsin Memorial Park Cemetery there. In Jan of 1964 Alice lived at 6221 W. Clark Street, Milwaukee, Wi. Orian Ruth Buster b. Sept. 20, 1912, Hygiene, Co. d. m. April 20, 1940, Baton, New Mexico Allen Clifford Ewing s/o Agatha Hubbel and Henry Howard Ewing b. Oct 31, 1902, on ranch at Ft. Lupton, Co. d. Aug. 1969 Children 2: Mary Ann and Harry Allen was an inspector for Canning Co. Ft. Lupton ugar Factory. In 1967 he was an agent for farm insurance. They were farmers. Last address rte #1 Box 230, Ft. Lupton, Co. 


Children of Minnie BOYD and Charles Stevenson Robert Stevenson B. March 4, 1899, LaGrange Co., In. d. 1938 S Buried at Brighton, In. Irma Stevenson b. June 3, 1901, Howe, In d. m. Sept. 25, 1920 Otis Waltz s/o Sara Jane Morris and Wilbur Waltz b. April 6, 1907, Van Wert, Ohio d. Children 2: Mary Isabel, Virgil Duane Otis was a farmer. He retired in 1967. September 1970 they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary at their home, west of Howe, In. 


Children of Edna Alice BOYD and William Carson Fulford Louis Ray Fulford b. March 19, 1907, Wawaka, In. d. March 19, 1907, Wawaka, In. George Eston Fulford (twin) Georgia Anne Fulford (twin) b. April 4, 1908, Wawaka, In. d. at birth Solomon Stewart Fulford b. June 12, 1909, Wawaka, In. d. m. Margaret Alice(Brown) Upton b. Dec. 6, 1911 d. Children: Karen Sue In 1918, Solomon lived with his Uncle Jacob and Aunt Nellie BOYD and attended grade school in Ontario, In. In the spring of 1929, he graduated from High School at Wawaka, In. With three other boys constructed and flew a glider, two midget air-planes, powered with 4 cylinder Henderson motorcycle engines. In 1935 he worked for L. B. Price Mercantile Co. of South Bend, In. until they opened in Michigan, successively, as salesman, collector, branch manager, auditer and Division Manager of Western Michigan. Feb. 6, 1943 he entered the Air Corps, serving with Third Air Corps in the states and the 8th and 9th Forces in Europe. He was discharged Oct. 20 1945. Sept. 20, 1951, he received commission as Postmaster at Wawaka, In. Minnie Marie Fulford b. Ju 27, 1912, Elkhart twp., Noble Co., In. d. Feb. 19, 1973, Lutheran Hosp, Ft. Wayne, In m. Sept. 1, 1934, Wawaka, In. Arthur Franklin Emmert s/o Grace Linda Plank & John Arthur Emmert b. Nov. 11, 1911, Topeka, In. d. Children: Patricia Rose, Fancheon Jehm, Sandra Marie, William J. Arthur, John Franklin Minnie's death followed an illness of 3 years. Surviving were her husband, her five children, ten grandchildren and her brother Sol Fulford of Wawa, In. Funeral Servies were held Thursday, 10:30 am in the Maple Grove Mennonite Church in Topeka, In. She was buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery. 


Children of William BOYD and Clara Belle (Chappel) Swartswalter Lillie May BOYD b. July 30, 1910, Lima twp., LaGrange cfo, In. d. m. LaGrange, In. John Verne Wogoman b. Feb. 19, 1905 d. Dec. 23, 1947, Kendallville, In. Children: Howard John and Richard Lee 2nd marriage m. Dec. 18, 1937, Decatur, In. Elmer Orie Lehner b. Oct. 4, 1892, near Garrett, DeKalb Co., In. d. Sept. 16, 1973, Auburn In. Children: none 3rd marriage m. Feb 14., 1975, DeKalb county, In. Brownie Harold Grate b. Aug. 31, 1895, d. children: none John Vern Wogoman was the son of Hattie Lovett and Winfieled Wogoman. John and Lillie separated. John Verne was buried Dec. 26, 1947 at Kendallville, IN. Lillie and John's son Howard John was not adopted but had his name leally changed in DeKalb Co. court to Howard JOhn Lehner. Richard Lee kept the name of Wogoman. Elmer Lehner was the son of Martha Haynes and pEter Lehner. He was the owner of a grocery store and operator of a filling station at Garrett, In. They lived at 410 East Houston Street. Elmer was buried at the cemetery at Ontario, In. Brownie Howard Grate was the son of Mary Ellen Albright and William Allen Grate. He was first married to Nettie Myers, on Nov. 29, 1915. She was born June 3, 1894. They had three children; Frances, HIlda, and Harold. Nettie died Dec. 11, 1968 and is buried in Fairfield cemetery, DeKalb County, In. Brownie was a retired farmer and trucker. March of 1975 Address RR#1 Corunna, In. James Eston BOYD b. Dec. 18, 1912, Lima twp., LaGrange Co., In. d. m. Violet Tate b. August 17, 1910, Shrive, Homer County, Ohio d. Children: David 2nd marriage Dorothy b. d. Children none James was an electrician. Russell Harold BOYD b. March 18, 1914, Lima twp., LaGrange Co., In. d. Buried in cemetery at Ontario, In. Elizbeth Verene BOYD b. July 3, 1915, Lima twp., LaGrange Co., IN. d. m. Harold Harger b. Sept 3, 1909, Orland, IN. d. Sept 22, 1958, Coldwater, Mi. children: none Harold and Elizabeth separated. Later he married her sister Retha. 2nd Marriage m. August 7, 1954, Angola, In. Harley Richard Schultz b. May 7, 1905 Lucas Co., Ohio d. Dec. 3, 1972, Coldwater, Mi. Harley Richard Schultz was the son of Georgia B. Phillips and Herbert Schultz. Harley was a machinist and carpenter. They lived in Coldwater, Mi. He was buried in Oak Grove cemetery there. Clyde Benson BOYD b. NOv. 21, 1916, Lima twp., LaGrange Co., In. d. April 15, 1973, Columbus, Ohio S. never married In 1956 he was a trucker and lived at LaGRange, IN. He was buried April 18, 1973 at Ontario, LaGrange County, In. Dorothy Marie BOYD b. Dec. 28, 1917, Lima twp., LaGrange co, In. d. J 28, 1918, Lima twp., LaGrange co, In. Buried in cemetery at Ontario, In. Myrtle Mary BOYD b. 8, 1919 Lima twp., LaGrange Co., In. d. m. Oct. 9, 1935, Lutheran Parsonage, LaGrange, In. Basil Elbert Wallace b. Dec 12, 1909, Hoopston, IL. d. Jan 5, 1961, Hosptal LaGrange, IN. Children: Rosemary Eileen, Larry Eugene, Jerry Arthur, Danny Kay, James Keith, Donald Lee Basil Elbert was the son of Lydia M. Phillips and Edward Wallace. In 1956 was a factory worker in LaGrange, In. Edna Magdalene BOYD b. July 4, 1920, LaGrange, IN. d. m. August 6, 1935, LaGrange, In. Leroy Miller b. Oct. 3, 1917, Gas City, IN. d. Aug. 30, 1971, Branch Co MI. Children; Chester Leroy Leroy was the son of Sarah A. Wallace and Chester Leroy Miller. He was a farmer. Leroy was buried in Kanause Cemetery, Kinderhok twp. in Branch County, Mi. Retha Lucille BOYD b. February 2, 1923, LaGrange, In. d. M. Sept 9, 1946, Albion, In. Harold Harger b. Sept. 3, 1909, Orland, IN d. Sept 22, 1958, Coldwater, Mi. Children: Ruth ann, Barbara Ann, William Wesley Harold Harger was the son of Rosa Getz and David Wesley Harger. IN 1956 he was a service station operator and mechanic at Coldwater, Mi., where they lived. He was buried on Sept. 24, 1958 in Oak Grove Cemetery at Coldwater. 2nd Marriage m. May 16, 1959, Coldwater, Mi Roy Russell Birch b. Dec. 15, 1915, Coldwater, Mi. d. Children 4: Roy Allison, Timmie Gene (twin) Jimmie Dean (twin), Charles Raymond Roy Russell Birch was the son of Ruth Ester and Roy Charles Birch. In August 1960 he adopted Barbara Ann and William Wesley, children of Retha and Harold Harger. William BOYD, Jr. b. AUG 10, 1924, Walnut St., LaGrange, In. d. m Dec. 24, 1946, LaGRANGE, In. Mary Jane Stutzman b. Nov. 9, 1930, LaGrange In. d. Children 5: Ben Leroy, Ralph Eugene, Bonnie Lou, Joan Sue, Catherine Elaine Helen Louise BOYD b. Dec. 29, 1929, 412 Poplar st., LaGrange, In. d. m. Oct. 28, 1946, LaGrange, In. Levi Jay Miller b. Sept 8, 1928, Johnson twp., LaGrange Co, IN. CHildren 4: Richard Eugene, Peggy Lou, Edna May, Connie Sue Levi Miller was a factory worker at Goshen, In. Helen and Levi separated. 2nd Marriage of Helen Dec. 9, 1957, Goshen, In. Andrew Albert Clark b. Feb. 28, 1937 d. Andrew was the son of Mary L. Jones and Andrew Albert Clark. 1976, he was a factory worker and they lived in Coldwater, Mi.