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Elk Lick Twp Tax List 1796

1813 Assessment of Taxables Greenville Twp

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1790 Bedford County PA (Included what would become Somerset County) Census Data. Text Files.

Two Hendrey Garlits are listed. One of these, presumably, is the first Garlitz in the area, the one to which all our records are traced, known here as Christian I.  Just 10 years later only one Henry Garlitz is listed in the Somerset County Census. Perhaps the other Henry lived in a township that remained within the old Bedford County. Or perhaps it was a mistake in the census. And yes, census records are not totally reliable. To date, no Garlitz lines in America from colonial times have been traced to any other progenitor except Christian I. Evidence from census and immigration records indicate that several Garlitz families arrived from Prussia in the mid 19th century and onward. (see below).

Primarily Somerset County PA. (Bedford) and Allegany County MD (Garrett) Census Data. Text or image files.

Cenus Records for Elk Lick Twp 1800 - 1880 along with other records  


Henry Garlits Bedford


Christian Garlitz (Bedford Twp)

Henry Garlotts

1820 (Bedford Twp)

David Garlitz

Henry Garlitz


Henry, Jacob Garlets (listed as Ganlets but I'm certain this is Garlets)


Garlitzs of Little Crossings

Jacob Garlitz and family

Christian Garlitz York PA

Another Christian Garlitz York PA

York County PA  


There is a Christian Garlitz age 50+ living with two females. 15+ and 90+. Is he a member of our clan? Was he from Western PA/MD and then move east to York County?  Neither he, nor any other Garlitz, appear in the 1850 York census.

Allegany  County MD 1850 Census. Images. Links to pages with Garlitz. 

Rebecca Garlitz and children
Christian and Sarah, Henry & Lucy, William et al.
William, Catherine, Elizabeth - children of Samuel Garlitz
Jonas &  Susan Garlitz and children
Basil son of Christian II
Henry & Lavina Garlitz and children
Isaiah Garlitz
Jacob & Hester Garlitz and children

Allegany County 1860 Census: Images  Links to pages with Garlitz 

Israel & Ellen Garlitz and children
John and Mary Garlitz, also children of Israel & Ellen continued from previous page. Also Samuel and Isabel Garlitz with children
Basil Garlitz
Jacob Garlitz
Sarah Garlitz from PA boarding with Daniel Peck 

1850 (Greenville Twp)

Jacob Garlitz and  Joseph Garlitz families
John Garlets  


Henry and Lavina Garlitz (Virginia - WVA)


Many Garlitzs - be sure to scroll entire page
Rebecca, Nancy Garletz


Henry Garlets et al (Lower Turkeyfoot Twp) 
Christopher and Alida Garlitz
Nancy Garlots sp
Margaret Garlitz
Host of Gerlitzs

Somerset County Index G

Fayette County


Theodore H. Garlitz and family

Allegany County Marriages in Bride Order (1826-1847)

Garrett County 1880 Census:  Images. Links to pages with Garlitz

Henry and Lucy Garlitz & children
Allen and Maggie Garlitz & children
Abel and Rachael Garlitz, children and brothers Stephen and Henry
Isadore and Elizabeth Garlitz, children  (other Garlitzs and McKenzies on page also)
Isabelle Garlitz and children (Samuel died in 1880 prior to the census)
Israel and Ellen Garlitz, children  ALSO at top of page, two children of Isabelle
Noah and Martha Garlitz, children
Almedia, daughter of Noah and Martha (following page of census records)
Jacob Garlitz  age 13 listed as servant in George Karden household

George Garlitz, wife Nancy and children


Other census records:

1865 Saline County OK

1875 Caldwell Twp OK

Simeon Garlitz 1870 Census. Kansas. Originally from MD

1880 Bastrop County TX

1880 Adams County, IL David Garlets

George and Drucilla Garlitz and family. Colorado. 1920

Joseph Garlitz and family. Mesa Colorado. 1920. Originally from PA

Lawrence Garlitz and family. 1920. Everret Washington .

Later Garlitz Immigrants

Almost all Garlitzs (Garlits, Garlets) in the U.S. are descended from the Garlitz Clan of Western PA and Western Maryland. A number of Garlitz families, however, immigrating from Germany, Prussia, Russia from the mid-nineteen century onward, settling in such places as Texas, Boston, New York, Indiana, and Chicago.

Charles Garlitz 1850 Census. Indiana. German birth

David Garlitz and family. 1850 census. Indiana. German birth

David Garlitz and family. 1860 census. Indiana. Germany (same family as above. Wife and a couple children no longer listed.)

Christian Garlitz and family 1880 census. Texas. Prussian birth

Ludwig Garlitz and family. 1880 census. Chicago. Prussian birth

Arnold Garlitz. 1900 census. San Francisco. Inmate. German birth. It is interesting to note that a fellow inmate is a Hostetler, a common name for Greenville Twp. PA, and among the neighbors of the Garlitz clan. Could it be that these two claimed German birth to falsify their identity, or that a lazy census taker just recorded them that way.

Samuel Garlitz and family. 1920 census. Boston. Russian birth

Lewis Garlitz and family. 1930 census. New York. Russian birth






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