George Washington Garlitz

George was a Sergeant in Co 1 and B. Ind. Md. P.H.B.  His wife Mary was the teacher at Old McKenzie School for the year ending May 13, 1881. They lived on what was known as the Freeman Garlitz farm in my time, Freeman buying it from George and Mary when they moved to Cumberland, MD, and starting a family grocery store. Madeline McKenzie Maust, Garlitz and Hetz History, 1981 

Son of Israel and Ellen Robeson Garlitz
b. abt 1851
m. Mary Newman


Ida                b: February 28,  1882

Harvey H.     b. November 5, 1885    Garrett Co.     d. Nov 29, 1949 Cumberland Md

Ira E.    m. Myrte O'Niell    children: Marie, Joseph

Effie    m. Thomas Wilhelm   

Enza    m. Timothy Keily    children: adopted nephew Paul Wilhelm 

Bernadette    m. _______ Donahue


Georgia Aminta    m. George Loesch



Ida Garlitz

Daughter of George W. Garlitz
 b: February 28,  1882
Ida married Clarence Chaney

Children of Ida Garlitz and Clarence Chaney

  1.  Eva Marie Chaney
  2.  Doris M. Chaney
  3.  Oberlin T. Chaney
  4.  Daniel R. Chaney
  5.  Josephine Chaney
  6.  Geraldine Chaney b: 14 JUN 1906
  7.  Iona B. Chaney b: 17 FEB 1908
  8.  Clarence Elmer Chaney b: 2 MAR 1910 in Frostburg, MD

Off site information on descendants of  Ida Garlitz Chaney


Harvey H. Garlitz

Son of George W. Garlitz

b. November 5, 1885    Garrett Co.     d. Nov 29, 1949 Cumberland Md.   (see obituary)

Married Ella Drake (see obituary)

Harvey and Ella ran a grocery store in Cumberland Maryland. (One of at least 2 Garlitz Grocery Stores. My parents also had a grocery in Salisbury, PA. editor's note.)


James H.
George F.
Leroy V.
Daughter: Mrs. Richard Stakem, Jr.