Faye Crowe Garlitz

Pictures from Day of Burial and Family Gathering at St. Ann's in Avilton, MD.

June 19, 2008


St. Ann Parish - Avilton, MD


Final resting place beside husband Paul.

Faye's Childhood Home


The old kitchen

The house has no electricity to this day.


The three granddaughters: Amanda, Sarah, Greta

Daughter Fayanne


Emma May & D.J.

Ida & Sarah


Iris, Fayanne, Anna Marie, Greta, Amanda, Sarah

Katriana Star & Sarah


Nephew Dale Garlitz & wife Ying Fong

A bunch of the family eating Chesapeke Bay Blue Crab


Greta & her boyfriend Andrew (red 4wheeler) Sarah & Austin (muddy 4wheeler)

Pictures provided by Granddaughter Sarah Garlitz

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